Movie review — “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”

By Stacy Allen

“The Lizzie McGuire Movie” is an adorable Disney movie that plays out just like the television show. After Gordo and Lizzie decide their two-week vacation is going to be full of adventure, Lizzie finds herself in a misunderstanding of identity. Disney moments happen — equipped with fireworks — and scenes play like a travel brochure, all the while Lizzie’s famous cartoon caricature reveals Lizzie’s inner thoughts.
If you enjoy the television show then you are going to love this movie; the entire movie is just like an hour-and-a-half special of the show. I am a fan of the television show, as I am of the Disney channel, and I was excited that the movie was so much like the series. This movie is for the fans of the series and for the younger audience. If you go to this movie and you hate the series, then you are going to think of this as a waste of your time and money.
The only thing that got on my nerves in this movie is the dubbing. There are scenes in which the lips and words do not match up. They are not as bad as a low budget Japanese flick, but they are definitely noticeable. In one scene Paulo (the oh-so-adorable foreign pop star) and Lizzie are supposed to lip sync to a song. Lizzie is supposed to be off from the tape but Paulo is supposed to be exact, the scene doesn’t exactly go this way.
Both the movie and soundtrack are bubbly and full of summer enthusiasm. I left the movie energized and felt like I was 12 again. I think this is a great summer movie for the family or for Disney aficionados. I definitely recommend going to this movie with your best friend and then stopping for a snow cone while songs from the movie play through your head.