Police Blotter 6/6

Samplings of recent calls received by the Clovis Police Department, according to police reports:
A 44-year-old male from Clovis reported he had been assaulted between midnight and 1 a.m. on May 28 at the 800 block of Mitchell. According to the report, the man was jumped by four unknown males and received scratches and cuts on his knees and palms due to a fall.

Clovis police responded Friday afternoon to a report of an “all-out brawl in which chairs were being thrown and a female was hitting the males with a plunger” at the 500 block of Dawnloop.
The incident began when two people objected to the way a check was cashed. As the verbal argument escalated, a 22-year-old male tripped a 23-year-old male causing him to fall into a flight of stairs causing an apparent broken nose. The person whose nose was broken then threw a chair hitting a second 22-year-old male, at which time a 24-year-old female began attacking two of the men to keep them off the man struck by the chair.
Since all four are related or living in the same household, police filed charges against all four of battery on a household member.

When a 13-year-old boy objected Friday afternoon to doing household cleaning chores required of his sisters, the boy broke his mother’s dream catcher and ran outside. According to police, his mother chased him inside a residence at the 900 block of Piersall and began hitting him with a broom. Police charged the mother with child abuse and placed her four children in the custody of her ex-husband.

A Saturday afternoon traffic accident at the corner of 9th and Prince streets led to the arrest of a 34-year-old Clovis man on two counts of aggravated driving while intoxicated, open container of alcohol, no driver’s license, no insurance, and no registration. Two people in a second car were injured in the collision.

After responding to a reported fight between two sisters at the 1000 block of Chama, Clovis police gave a domestic violence victims packet to one sister, advised her to consider a domestic violence protection order, and made an unsuccessful search for the second sister. Police are searching for the second sister and reported plans to file charges of battery on a household member and criminal trespassing.

Neighbors called police late Saturday night to report a fight in the 300 block of East 6th Street between a 36-year-old male and his 24-year-old girlfriend. While the couple denied a physical fight, police observed scratches on the boyfriend’s face, neck, and shoulder and found traces of blood under the girlfriend’s fingernails.
Police indicated they plan to seek a warrant for the girlfriend’s arrest.

A 44-year-old Clovis man called police early Sunday morning to report that his 44-year-old wife had woken him up by beating and scratching him on the face. The husband had left his home on the 1000 block of Sheldon and called police from a nearby business. When police arrived they found fresh scratches on the husband’s face, went to the couple’s home, and could not find the wife.

Police responded early Sunday morning to the 1700 block of East Mabry to find a 1998 maroon Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible fully engulfed in flames. A check of the vehicle identification number revealed that the car had been stolen from Phoenix, Ariz. The convertible top, front and rear seats, and steering wheel appear to have been removed prior to the fire. Police are investigating the incident as an arson.