Movie works, dumbly

By Stacy Allen

Movie: “”Dumb and Dumberer””
Stars: Eric Christian Olsen, Derek Richardson, Eugene Levy, Cheri Oteri, Rachel Nichols
Summary: Harry and Lloyd become friends and accidentally get involved with a school scandal.
Hilltop Twin Showtimes: 12:45, 3:05, 5:15, 7:30, 9:50 p.m.
“Dumb and Dumberer” is one of the only movies that is great when dumb. If this movie had made sense and didn’t have stupid humor, I would have hated it. This is the prequel to “Dumb and Dumber” which is always shown on television or quoted randomly by someone. Even though you may not be a fan of the original, I’m sure you haven’t been able to escape it. Following that tradition, “Dumb and Dumberer” will haunt you too.
We always wonder when directors try to come up with a sequel or prequel to a movie: how can they do it? Movies like “The Matrix” and “The Terminator” we doubt because we think they’ve used all their effects on the first one. Then there are films like “The Godfather” that we already consider as a classic, how do you add onto a genius film? In the case of “Dumb and Dumber,” however, the previous situations don’t apply. Now we find ourselves asking: Do we really need another movie like this out there? And how can anyone step into the shoes of a young Jim Carrey?
I am excited about the casting of Harry and Lloyd. Both of the main characters look and act like a young version of Carrey and Daniels. Eric Christian Olsen, an unknown actor that plays Lloyd, is hilarious and right on target while Derek Richardson, another unknown who plays Harry, isn’t as wonderful but still dumb enough to be in this movie. Eugene Levy plays Principal Collins and I must say I wasn‘t impressed by his performance. I realize this is a dumb movie, but I also realize that it must be harder than it looks and I don’t think Levy did a good job at all. Cheri Oteri is typical in this movie; she looks like she’s doing another “Saturday Night Live” skit. Rachel Nichols plays Jessica, a reporter for the school paper that starts to snoop around. She does a very good job in this movie at being a stable sidekick, but the heroes of this show are definitely Olsen and Richardson.
Another thing I enjoyed was that “Dumb and Dumberer” shows small things that connect later on. For instance, we see how Lloyd got his chipped tooth and that Harry had a way of getting ladies even without realizing it. At the end of “Dumb and Dumberer” Frida Felcher comes into play. This probably won’t ring a bell to anyone, but in Dumb and Dumber Harry and Lloyd bring up this girl that Harry had a crush on and Lloyd stole away; her name was Frida Felcher.
The humor and friendship in “Dumb and Dumberer” is just like that in the original and I am pleased to say that it is a dumb movie. Although some of the acting for the supporting characters is corny, it fits in this type of film. The main characters are perfect and keep the show going regardless of what’s happening around them. I liked this movie because it makes sense that this would be the prequel. Things fall into place and throughout the movie I didn’t doubt for a second that these two would not turn into the Harry and Lloyd of “Dumb and Dumber.” If you enjoy stupid humor and you don’t mind watching a movie where useful things fall by the wayside, like plot and sensibility, then “Dumb and Dumberer” is for you. Also, if you enjoyed “Dumb and Dumber” then you should definitely go see this movie while its showing in theaters.