Letters to the editor 6/29

In response to the lady (Christine Nahmens) who expressed “concern” about the Patriot Act:
There are no Constitutional rights that are affected much less “trampled.” She says it allows secret searches. So? The police have always had the right to secret searches. They still need a search warrant, but don’t need to tell you and never did.
She then says there is no judicial oversight of the Internet or phone taps.
Does she remember the Phoenix memo business? If they had not had to go through long, drawn out judicial monkey business, then perhaps 9/11 could have been stopped.
The fact is that taps must still be authorized but they don’t have to go through an agonizing process of flea picking. And as the Supreme Court has approved the Constitutionality of Internet porn filters in public libraries, then the government has the right to protect the common good versus those who really just want to use public computers for cyber sex.
And there is no way “privacy” can be protected on the Internet. Hackers will laugh at that one.
Nobody is arrested in America for no reason.
Illegals indeed have no business being here in the first place and should be deported when caught. The Supreme Court has just upheld (foolishly I think) a 60-day limit to such detentions.
We have all the Constitutional rights that our forefathers allowed us and those are the ones we must protect. Private little indulgences that are loopholes for crime and terror must be plugged up or we’ll lose all our rights because we’ll lose our country.
I have no fears of losing my liberties under John Ashcroft who himself was persecuted by the left for his deep religious faith. But where were these people when Janet Reno gave us Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Elian Gonzalez outrage?

Sharon Faulkner

My hat’s off to Christine Nahmens for her efforts to protect American civil liberties.
At what price is our safety secured? Do we have to lose our Constitutional rights to feel secure? I don’t think so.
There is nothing that can stop a person willing to die for his cause from strapping explosives to his chest and blowing up whatever he wants.
Thank you, Christine, for protecting my rights.

Judy Caldwell

Please print an acknowledgement of the fine display by the F-16s that participated in the flyovers during the homecoming celebration last weekend.
It was an inspiring sight to all of us.

Nadine Ellison