City commission hearing charter suggestions

By Jack King

City commissioners today will consider accepting the recommendations of the city’s Charter Review Committee, which has finished a regular review of the Charter.
The commission will meet at 5:15 p.m. in the North Annex of Clovis-Carver Public Library.
Under a provision of the Charter, a Charter Review Committee is appointed every 10 years to make any necessary revisions. This year’s committee has recommended two changes: an amendment to repeal term limits on the city commission; and an amendment to a section that incorrectly lists the number of persons serving on the commission as seven.
The correct number should be eight.
City Attorney Dave Richards said last week the committee is recommending the abolition of term limits in Clovis because the state Supreme Court overturned them statewide in 1995.
The Charter Review Committee was composed of Commissioner Lunnel Winton (chair), Santi Hidalgo (vice-chair), Mayor David Lansford, Commissioner Robert Sandoval, District 1 citizen representatives Santiago Hidalgo and Calvin Neumann, District 2 citizen representatives Beverlee McClure and Ray Walker, District 3 citizen representatives Lucy Boney and Andy Chavez, and District 4 citizen representatives Dick Smith and Bill Kinyon.
The committee held four public meetings, including one reserved for public comment, which no member of the public attended.
Also on the commission’s agenda for today:
• discussion of the renewal of the city’s contract with City Manager Ray Mondragon.
• discussion of an appeal by Pamela D. Nance-Pittman of a decision by the city Planning and Zoning Commission. Nance-Pittman wants to modify property at 501-5011/2 West St. for use as a church. The Planning and Zoning Commission denied her request.
• discussion of a proposal by Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and the city Public Works Department to reduce the rate the city charges the railroad for treating some pre-treated water the railroad discharges into the city’s sewer system and to reduce the frequency of sampling, number of testing parameters and risk factor rating in the city’s monitoring of the discharge.
• discussion of a request for the closure of an alley in the Westgate Park Addition.