amos on consolation

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

amos on consolation

i noticed sammy
salamander sitting
on a stump all by himself
one day looking so forlorn
and being the psychological
sort of mouse that i am
i decided to observe animal
nature at its best consoling
its fellow animalkind

sally spider was the first to
wander past sammy who was
noticeably groaning by now

hey sammy – what s the
matter – what happened
question mark here boss

it s probably one of the
greatest tragedies of my life
so far sammy said i m still
just sorta stunned you know

wow – you look like you lost
your best friend sammy

i did sammy nodded petey
the pollywog died

pollywog – yuck – sally said
and hurried away on all eight
of her legs

a dismayed sammy looked
down at the ground – which
wasn t that far away – and
moaned we were as close as
salamanders and frogs could be

about then louie the songdog
happily padded by – hallelujah
brother praise the lord – hey what s
this down-in-the-mouth trick

well you see sammy started to
explain my best friend petey
the pollywog died

but louie didn t hear boss
he was on a ministerial roll
well don t you worry about
that he said if he s washed
in the fountain he ll be
swimming down the streets
of gold in frog heaven but
you boy don t you know a
christian ought to be happy –
happy happy happy – now you
need to get the ol joy back in
again – let s see the ol smileroo

sammy tried to smile but it
just wasn t working boss

then sammy noticed freddie
flea who had quietly hopped
over to sammy s stump

freddie you look sad – what
happened to you

somebody close to me died
last night freddie said it s just
so hard for me to understand
why does god allow things
like that to happen

i don t know freddie
sammy said
something like that just
happened to me i sorta
know how you feel
it hurts pretty bad doesn t it

yeah it sure does freddie said

and they both sat there in
silence pondering and feeling
one another s pain boss

i guess we re feeling a
little like how god may
have felt when
jesus died on the cross
sammy said thoughtfully

yeah i guess you re right
i hadn t thought about that –
thanks sammy

yeah i feel a little better myself
thanks freddie

sometimes boss we don t
really know how to minister
to one another – all it takes is
a little understanding and
compassion – just a
willingness to weep with
those who weep