City plans drainage projects on First Street

By Jack King

City and county commissioners received an update on some recent and upcoming local government projects at a joint luncheon Tuesday.
Among the projects discussed:
• City Airport Director Steve Summers said his personnel have just finished upgrading and replacing runway edge lights, regulators and runway end identification lights at the airport. The project cost $360,000, with 90 percent of the funds coming from the federal Airport Improvement Project and 10 percent from state and local money.
n Emergency Management Coordinator Ken De Los Santos reported his office has received $219,000 in three grants from the Department of Homeland Security — $45,000 in 2001, $75,000 in 2002 and $99,000 in 2003. The department has used the funds to buy communications equipment and for first responder programs in coordination with public health agencies and Plains Regional Medical Center.
• City Director of Inspections Marcus Brice said his department will bring a request for an order to secure to the city commission on Thursday for a mobile home park at 1501 North Martin Luther King Blvd. Under an order to secure the city will fence in the entire property. Brice said city officials have sent the property’s owner notice of the order, but he has not responded.
• Fire Chief Ron Edwards announced that beginning in August Clovis Community College will offer a paramedics course.
• City Manager Ray Mondragon said this fall the city will begin two drainage projects. One project will send water from First and Prince streets and First and Ross streets underground to Ingram Lake. The second will send water from the Northeast Development to East Seventh Street, then into Bomar Lake.