Be prepared for roadside emergencies

By Gary Mitchell

Best to be prepared for roadside emergencies
Should you have a flat tire on a pitch-black country road in the middle of the night, there are some emergency “must-haves” you may want to consider stashing away in your car — just in case.
According to Shell Oil Products officials in a press release, some of the items you might want in a car-care kit to help deal with those unexpected roadside mishaps would be:
Bottled water — Helpful if the radiator runs low or simply to quench your thirst while stranded on the side of the road.
Flares — Essential if you experience car problems after dusk.
Jumper cables — You never know when the battery will conk out.
Tire inflator, such as Fix-A-Flat — A quick, convenient solution for a flat tire since no jack or spare tires are required.
Flashlight (and batteries) — Always be prepared.
Duct tape — The ultimate solution for quickly repairing a ruptured hose until you reach the nearest service station.
First-aid kit — For all the little emergencies.
Blanket — Helpful if you need to slide under the vehicle to examine a problem further.
Reflective triangle — To be used during day or night to warn oncoming vehicles.
Cell phone — If all else fails, try calling for roadside assistance if you have a signal available.
According to AAA, 29.9 million people call for emergency roadside assistance each year, and of these, 3.6 million call for assistance with a flat tire.
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