the death of prayer virgil

by amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation. Of late, tragedy has struck the church pew underworld. It is an event that forebodes serious implications for future prayer meetings. Amos describes the situation in this week’s column:

there is a sadness here we
all feel boss the death of
prayer virgil you remember
him the praying mantis
who used to visit us each
wednesday evening
he died of loneliness
we think no one knows for
sure we weren t around when
it happened

some of us still mourn his
passing at times we gather
together just to replay
his funeral and then
sometimes it s almost like
he was here

the other day brownie beagle
came by while sammy
salamander and i were in the
prayer room around the
family bible speculating on
the untimely end of poor
prayer virgil

it s so sad sammy was
saying he wanted so
much to be the spirit of
the place

yes that s so brownie
echoed you could even
see the look of peace
on his face

but now he s gone
we re left alone
no more quiet
only fights
to the bitter end
then over again

while we were bemoaning
our plight without virgil
who should crawl into
our desolate prayer room
but bertie woeworm

he was killed
bertie woeworm
was crying as he crawled
along in the hall murdered
by indifference overcome
by negligence
pushed aside by overzealous
preachers sat upon by careless
committees trampled over
by a world-hungry
congregation we re guilty
everyone bertie came crying
on his way

it s so sad sammy
continued to say

what s so sad why all the
gloom and doom louie
the songdog sang as he
padded by

what s happened to
your glad have you not
heard he smiled and said
there s a rumor in the
city a murmur in the
country they say prayer
virgil is not dead he s
alive but not so well he s
weak and faint but
dead he ain t

fantastic quotation marks and
an exclamation point here boss
brownie beagle barked how
about that sammy salamander
wiggled even bertie woeworm
managed a grin

i wouldn t have believed
it boss but a fellow with a
changed heart and a happy
song can reshape the world