Amos on apathy

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

the apathetic aphid

just the other day boss i
ran across a disillusioned
young insect

annie the apathetic aphid
was ambling down a church
aisle bemoaning the state
of her life and the church
pew underworld around her

life looks so hopeless
annie moaned nothing
really matters anymore
i don t matter anymore
nobody matters anymore

and besides i don t really
care about it at all
says she after all who
really cares nobody cares
and i don t care
i don t care i don t care

you have to care says me
if you don t care everything
loses its importance in life

so what says the impertinent
little aphid i don t care

i think you think you don t
care but deep down you
really do care and you want
other folks to care about
you says me playing the
role of bug-chiatrist

i think you think so much
that your thinking got
twisted in its own thinking
and now your thinking is
thinking about its own

i don t know what you just
said but i disagree with it
says me

see you don t care about
me says annie you just
want to argue with me and
that s why i don t care
i don t care i don t care

tell me again what has put
you in this state of mind
what has distressed you and
made you so blind to the joys
of life and the fellowship of
your kind

everybody mistreats me and
everybody hates me my boss
hates me my kids hate me
even my bugtussle gazette
newsbug hates me nobody
likes me and i would eat a
worm but they hate
me and i hate them

and besides says she i don t
care i don t care i don t care

i know says me you said that

just then boss virgil the
praying mantis came up and
says to annie you may not
care and you may think that
others don t care about you
but there s one who does care
for you

i m not sure i believe you says
annie but not so stubbornly

you don t have to believe me
but it s right there in first peter
chapter five verses 6 and 7
humble yourselves therefore
under the mighty hand of god
that he may exalt you in due
time casting all your care
upon him for he careth for you

with that boss virgil hugged
little annie and said i care
about you and god cares
about you

then we all laughed and cried
together and annie says god
cares god cares god cares

it was a touching moment boss
so we all decided to go out
for pizza