Carports must be engineer-stamped before sale

By Jack King

New Mexico Construction Industries Division Bureau Chief Fermin Aragon said this week CID will require sellers, rather than buyers, of premanufactured carports to provide an engineer’s stamp, certifying they meet construction standards for the area of the state in which they are sold.
But, Aragon added, in the case of prefabricated carports that have already been erected, the owners of the carports still must obtain an engineer’s stamp.
City Manager Ray Mondragon said Sept. 18 he had asked that an ordinance related to the carports be pulled from the city commission’s agenda for that evening so that he could get clarification from Aragon about the engineer’s stamps.
Carport owners at that commission meeting said they appreciated Mondragon’s effort. One owner said a local contractor told him the stamps cost $600.
Mondragon said this week the commission still must discuss what to do about a CID requirement that already erected carports must get an engineer’s stamp. The proposed ordinance has not been put on this week’s commission agenda.
City Planning and Zoning Administrator Louis Gordon said the city Inspections Department has identified 52 prefabricated carports in a survey of carports that do not meet the city’s current building standards.