Robbery suspect indicted

By Darrell Todd Maurina

Sammy Guerrero, 21, faces sentences that could total more than 40 years in jail following his indictment Thursday by a Curry County grand jury in connection with a string of armed robberies from June 14 to Sept. 4.
“Our position is we’re going to review the evidence and put together the best possible case we can and send a message,” said assistant district attorney Matt Chandler. “Acts such as this will not be tolerated in Curry County.”
Guerrero stands accused of 25 charges related to eight robberies and attempted robberies, including robberies at the North Plains Cinema, court records show. He also faces two charges of tampering with evidence and child abuse by attempting to hide a gun in a child’s bedroom within reach of the chid.
Since his arrest in September, Guerrero has been held in the Curry County Adult Detention Center on a $150,000 cash-only bond. All of the armed robberies had at least two people involved, and the grand jury indictment includes five counts of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Chandler said he expects his office will file additional charges against a second suspect, but could not comment further since only Guerrero has been taken into custody.
Court records show that Calvin Neumann, the 9th District Public Defender, has been assigned to represent Guerrero. Neumann declined comment, citing ethical concerns.
Chandler said he intends to teach Guerrero and others that crime doesn’t pay.
“I believe crime for Curry County is, to my knowledge, about at its all-time high,” Chandler said. “We’re going to go after this with everything we’ve got.”
Chandler said Guerrero’s next court appearance will be Wednesday when he will have his arraignment in district court.

Charges include…
Sammy Guerrero stands accused in connection with the following eight robbery and attempted-robbery incidents:

• A June 14 armed robbery at the Allsup’s on 301 N. Prince
• A June 19 armed robbery of a man outside McDonald’s.
• A June 19 armed robbery of two women outside Kelley’s Bar and Grill.
• A June 24 armed robbery of North Plains Cinema.
• A July 2 armed robbery of North Plains Cinema.
• A July 23 attempted armed robbery of North Plains Cinema.
• A Sept. 4 attempted armed robbery at McDonald’s.
• A Sept. 4 armed robbery at Long John Silvers.