Change is important for Clovis’ growth

Letters to the editor

I’m not sure just who has been complaining about the recent spurt in the Clovis economy, but in real estate, growth means a healthy increase in the value of property, an improved appearance of properties, and an increase in the ability to sell residential and commercial property.
So many families have benefited by being able to get a reasonable value for their homes in the past year, that the overall community has prospered.
Nothing in this world stays the same. There are only two options: One is growing, the other is dying.
Stagnation may feel peaceful for a time, but the end result is a slow, painful death to the community. It’s happening in many places where misguided leaders, instead of planning for healthy growth, want their communities to stay “the same.”
Small business is impacted by big chain operations. Small farmers are impacted by corporate farming. Survival may depend on the small operations being able to specialize in something that the large one cannot do. And it requires a trust in God to prosper us, and to guide us as we seek his direction on how to accomplish his purposes in our businesses.
He is a God of life, and growth.
Clovis’ growth is exciting and stimulating. Let’s stop looking for the reasons why we don’t like change, and let’s manage the changes for our best benefit.
The Clovis News Journal would do better to keep us informed of possibilities ahead than to just report on the griping and complaints of some who cannot see them.
We can be better, or we can become obsolete.
The choice is ours.

— Carolyn Spence