Local delis offer party trays for Christmas

Jack King

Those planning holiday parties or looking for a little taste of New Mexico to send to friends out of state have a lot to choose from among Clovis merchants.
Several area stores and restaurants offer a variety of party trays and some offer mailable gift boxes of food.
Wholly Cow Delicatessen, at 121 East Seventh, offers either medium or large party trays of cheese or meat. Wholly Cow offers 10 varieties of cheese and five varieties of meat that patrons can choose from, said owner Doug Krueger.
Cheese varieties — all made in New Mexico — include pepper jack, green chile jack, green chile cheddar and sun-dried tomato or basil. Meats are smoked turkey, roast beef, ham, pastrami and hard salami, Krueger said.
Wholly Cow also makes a sandwich tray, but doesn’t include fruit or vegetables on any of its trays, he said.
In addition to the party trays, Wholly Cow also offers made-to-order gift boxes that include goodies like green chile cornbread mix, green chile stew mix, enchilada mix, jalapeno jelly and “Besito Caliente,” a combination of blackberry jam and habanero peppers that provides just “a kiss” of pepper, Krueger said.
“If a person wants to send just the dry mixes, they can,” he said.
Albertson’s Food and Drug, at 1905 N. Prince St., offers fruit and vegetable trays, as well as meat and cheese trays, in three sizes, said the store’s bookkeeper, Mike Teague.
“We like to ask for a day’s notice, but sometimes we get called that morning,” he said.
A large tray serves 24 people; a medium tray serves between 18 and 20; and a small tray serves 12 to 16, Teague said.
Meat and cheese trays contain four kinds of meat and cheese. Fruit trays have fruits that include cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, apples and oranges, while vegetable trays can include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and celery.
Albertson’s also offers a custom seafood tray, with crab balls, and a bakery tray, with cookies, as well as two-, three- and six-inch subs and sandwich party trays, Teague said.
Albertson’s doesn’t ship food, but it does offer gift cards that can be bought in the store, he said.
Wal-Mart Supercenter offers 26 different types of deli trays, said co-manager Paul Schmidl.
Besides meat, cheese, vegetable trays and shrimp trays, Wal-Mart also offers hot wing and chicken trays in regular and large sizes that can serve between 20 and 30 people.
Red Lobster spokeswoman Denise Wilson said the restaurant offers large and regular cocktail shrimp trays. Large trays contain 123 to 150 shrimp and regular trays 41 to 50 shrimp. Red Lobster also offers jumbo shrimp trays, with large trays containing 42 to 50 shrimp and regular trays containing 26 to 31.
Red Lobster also offers carry-out desserts that include chocolate wave cake, key lime pie, brownie pie and bananas foster cake, as well as its cheddar bay biscuits by the dozen.
Brochures about its offerings are available at Red Lobster restaurants, Wilson said.
Will Sims, the manager of Subway Sandwiches and Salads at 701 E. 21st, said all Subway shops offer party trays comprised of seven, 1-foot-long sandwiches. They also offer 6-foot-long party subs, gift certificates in $5 increments and boxes of cookies, he said.