Architects consider Civic Center uses

By Jack King

Members of the city’s Civic Center Steering Committee met Wednesday with architects from Albuquerque firm of Dekker/Perich/Sabatini for a brainstorming session on plans for the city’s civic center.
The City Commission approved a contract with Dekker/Perich/Sabatini in November for architectural services on the civic center. Steven J. Perich and Bill Sabatini said Wednesday’s meeting was held to get a global idea of what the community wants in a city civic center.
“We need to look at what spectrum of events have been held in Clovis, what we can build a center for and what’s already being adequately handled in town,” Sabatini said.
“So far, we’ve looked at everything from a church social of 30 to 40 people to a high school graduation of 5,000. We need to look at these and say 30 to 40 people would require so many square feet, but is there already a place for that in town? A high school graduation of 5,000 people would require so many square feet, but do we have the money to build a center that large?” said Perich.
The discussion also covered such issues as security and trash disposal.