Public Record 2/6

Compiled from court records from Jan. 29 through Feb. 4.
Marriage Licenses
James Reese III, 25, and Elizabeth Marie Landers, 18, both of Clovis.
Robert Louis Messier, 38, and Donna Mary Jouett, 46, both of Clovis.
Randy Richard Lopez, 46, and Angela Ann Lopez, 45, both of Clovis.
Randall Thomas Hill, 45, and Laurie Ann Lingo, 43, both of Lubbock.
Jesus Mendoza, 39, and Katherine Terry Lopez, 39, both of Clovis.
Thomas Jay Capps, 40, of Los Lunas, and Kristi Leigh Leatherwood, 35, of Clovis.
Dylan Steven Pantano, 21, and Melinda Laura More, 22, both of Clovis.
David Anthony Sandoval Jr., 20, and Naomi Jane Redhorse, both of Clovis.
Eloy Juarez, 30, and Hilda Nely Garza, 20, both of Texico.
Rock Ben Conley, 23, and Kathleen Marie Lindstedt, 19, both of Clovis.
Paul Joe Maes, 22, and Samantha Sue Carlson, 20, both of Clovis.
Kenneth Paul Kytle, 36, and Susan Maria Washington, 45, both of Clovis.
Mark James Sintas, 41, and Elisa Montanez, 35, both of Clovis.
Christopher Shane Acuff, 25, and Amanda Gayle Sanders, 21, both of Clovis.
Mario Antonio Narciso Armijo, 45, and Edwina Jane Lucero, 26, both of Clovis.
Krystal Hale from James Hale.
Schyler P. Donohue from Amanda Catherine Beach.
Lee R. Sumner from Sharon F. Sumner.