amos finds a wart

Gary Mitchell and Amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except for hyphens and dashes.

boss i was looking at my
reflection in the toilet
bowl the other day and i
noticed a growth just
under my whiskers
what is that i asked
myself and i leaned
over for a closer look
and nearly fell in

it was a wart
exclamation point here
boss a big fat ugly
wart – i don t think
there are any small
slim and cute ones
anywhere – but there
it was big as life on
my little hairy face

i m ugly i shouted
to no one in particular
and jumped up and
down and nearly fell
in the bowl again

oh why was i born
with such an ugly
form i bemoaned
my awful fate
and soon my revulsion
turned to pure hate

i hate you you re
ugly i told the face in
the toilet bowl
you re no good you re
worthless you warted

in my anger and
despair i didn t see the
lovable slobbery louie
the songdog pad by

why so low, little bro
he cheerily sang

oh be like the rain louie
go away and come again
some other day says me
you always ruin my
moments of misery

can t help it says he
whatever can the
matter be

i m ugly as a dry-rotted
tree says me no one will
love me anymore when they
see me their eyes turn sore

be careful little bro
don t stump your toe
or into the water you ll go
louie sang he was on a roll

you re not ugly at all
for a mouse you re quite an
animal a delightfully fuzzy
little furrball louie sang
accentuate the positive
eliminate the negative
i heard that somewhere
he said

remember amos who you are –
not how you look – and you ll
go far
if you re in christ you re a
child of the king and you re
loved by him who rules
everything you really are
special one of a kind
a greater one of you you ll
never find
you re blessed with
riches the heavenly kind
you re forgiven in christ and
have his mind your whole life is
filled with peace joy and love
because of jesus and the
father above

so how can you hate yourself
be down and so blue when
you re god s creation without a
doubt it s true you re made
perfect in him not only that
you re empowered by his spirit
and made alive again
he lives in you and you in him
he died for you forgives your
sin and gives you grace and
peace within ain t it great
to be one with him

and louie padded on by
while i sat and heaved a sigh
you know boss that wart
seemed to shrink away and i
thought what a wonderful
day god s in his heaven and
to me joy has been given

you know boss a good
encourager like louie is
worth his weight in cheese