Beware the tech-savvy scams online

Tom DiFrancesca

Scam Alert: If you have recently received an authentic looking e-mail, purportedly from Paypal — and it is asking you to confirm your account information, don’t do it. This is just another fine example of someone with a high degree of intelligence, using that brainpower for evil and not good. Jump over to
to learn all about the latest scam being inflicted on those who utilize the services of Paypal.
By the way, the reason that the Paypal scam can seem so realistic is that you are made to believe that you are actually visiting the Paypal Web site — it’s all a sham. By taking advantage of a mistake in the programming code for Internet Explorer, users are spoofed. Microsoft has issued a patch for Internet Explorer that will plug that “hole” — go get it now.
Speaking of scams, there is also an e-mail floating around that a lot of folks have been receiving lately; it concerns FDIC insurance. If you receive that e-mail, and it tells you that your bank account is in violation of the Patriot Act, and that you must provide vital information concerning it, delete that message immediately.
Don’t even think about providing that information, it would be a serious mistake.
Viruses, viruses, and more viruses — if we aren’t hammered with a new one, along comes a variation of an old one. When is it all going to end?
Rewards are now being offered for the perpetrators of these innocuous little programs — maybe that will help, I doubt it though. One good thing about computer viruses — they pretty much guarantee a steady income for the companies that produce anti-virus software. Those folks who thrive on conspiracy suspect that it’s actually the anti-virus software makers themselves who create the viruses.
I mentioned the annual “Relay for Life” event, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, in last week’s column. Dorothy Nelson, from the local ACS chapter informs me that one can now register online to participate in a local event. Just hop on over to
Can’t get any easier than that, now can it?
Another Super Bowl has come and gone. With all of the hoopla, I’m beginning to think maybe it should be declared a national holiday. Shoot, we could even change the game to be played on a Monday or Friday, and get an extra day off during the year.
What about those commercials? Oh, are you like me, and you missed them? No worries, just jump over to
and you’ll have access to all of them.
What if you could have access to 27 years of past Super Bowl commercials, would you pay for it? It might cost you a few bucks — might be worth it, though. Visit
and decide for yourself.
I spent some time in the hospital last week. I’m not telling you this so that you will feel sorry for me. I’m telling you about my experience, so that I can remind everyone of what a great little town we live in. I was treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and care during my stay at Plains Regional Medical Center.
My nurses, Tammy and George (the 500 wing), were the best. I acknowledge that Clovis lacks a great deal in medical care, there are doctor shortages, mistakes are made, folks are offended at times. But, I also believe that a lot of great, conscientious folks — our neighbors — work in the medical field here in our little town.
They need to be recognized and appreciated.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at or