Suicide stays with shop staff

By Darrell Todd Maurina

The co-owner of Beaulieu Brothers Pawn City said Tuesday many employees were still upset after the Friday death of William H. Windley Jr., who witnesses said shot himself in the store.
“In 28 years of running this store, we’ve never had any kind of problem like this,” Al Beaulieu said. “It really shook everyone up; I have a few employees who still haven’t shown up for work yet.”
Beaulieu said the store has armed guards and other procedures in place to prevent people from misusing firearms. Beaulieu said Windley circumvented those procedures by buying the ammunition separately from the shotgun and then going outside to his car to get the ammunition while store staff were running a mandatory federal background check on the shotgun.
Beaulieu said after returning to the store and picking up his gun, Windley went into a side aisle away from customers and shot himself while nobody was watching.
“It could have been a lot worse,” Beaulieu said. “If we had seen someone loading up a gun, there would have been some kind of confrontation and it would not have been good.”
Beaulieu said the store reopened Monday after bringing in a hazardous materials team to clean up the damage, and staff are considering new procedures to prevent future problems.
“We’ve talked about different things we might do in the future,” Beaulieu said. “When they buy a weapon, we may mail them the key for the lock on the trigger.”