City awaits word on car ports

By Jack King

City officials said Tuesday they are still waiting on a letter from state General Construction Bureau Chief Fermin Aragon to decide whether to adopt an ordinance on prefabricated carports in the city limits.
Aragon said Tuesday he has written a letter providing some guidelines on the issue, but has asked an attorney for the state Construction Industries Division to approve it before he sends the letter on to Clovis officials.
The attorney still has the letter, but Aragon said Tuesday he would check with her and he hopes to send it “soon.”
The City Commission tabled action on a proposed carport ordinance in September. The ordinance would have established a separate zoning category for prefabricated carports, with guidelines for their installation.
City Manager Raymond Mondragon told the commission said he was awaiting a letter from Aragon that would state whether homeowners who buy a prefabricated carport have to get an engineer’s inspection and approval stamp for it.
Assistant City Manager Joe Thomas said Tuesday the city still has not received Aragon’s letter.
“We’ve been calling them at least every two weeks. I think it would be foolish on our part to do something until we hear from the General Construction Bureau,” he said.
Thomas said Aragon has told city officials engineers’ stamps will not be required for footings that secure the carports to the ground. Instead, the footings may be approved by city inspectors, he said.
Aragon said Tuesday his letter says the carports must have a New Mexico engineer’s stamp at the time of the sale. However, the letter does not address whether carports that already have been installed will be required to get an engineer’s stamp, he said.
“I will consider looking into that,” he said.
The city of Clovis issued a written statement Tuesday saying any carports installed or built after June 16, 2003, must conform with current city ordinances and are not subject to a moratorium on enforcement established by the City Commission.