Garden benefits the soul

By Clyde Davis

Some of the ways we celebrate life are so natural we don’t even think about them. No fancy tools, no expensive ingredients, no high-tech equipment. Take the garden that you intend to reconstruct this spring (Well, OK, that I intend to reconstruct). It combines art form, outdoor exercise, and a commitment to ecological soundness and an earth/harmony approach.
An earth-friendly approach is one of the driving visions behind the business of Curt and Lisa Jaynes, owners of Gardensource Nursery and Landscaping, located just north of Portales. The benefits to oneself, and to the environment, are two of the vital aspects which they keep in mind in their own gardening, and which they would like to share with others through their newly established business.
Around here, that means something very different than it did where I grew up, an area with reliable weekly rainfall. So one of the thing that Gardensource is prepared to do is work with you on the basis of xeriscaping (Hey, that’s just a fancy term for what works in our ecosystem). For me, this has meant expanding my herb garden, dropping the failed tomatoes, etc., which have consumed so much water in past years, and looking at some new items (bushes, etc.) with an eye to revising my landscape.
The emphasis for Curt and Lisa is on organic, natural and landscaped so that colors and sizes, vegetables and bushes, textures and scents, will blend together for you in such a way that your garden becomes a place to center yourself, not something to be avoided. It’s part of a family tradition for Curt — “Something I have always done since I was a kid, very relaxing and puts me one on one with nature.”
You don’t know what to do — don’t know where to start? The Jaynes are going to offer a variety of gardening and seasonal workshops — herbs and bushes, gardening to attract songbirds, seasonal focus — probably even some special workshops for kids. (With three little ones of their own, they’re designing their place to be kid-friendly.)
You’re not in the greatest health, or your health is minimal but you still want to be a part of your own landscaping project? These guys will work with you, either taking care of the landscaping for you or co-working with you to whatever your energy level allows. (This seems strange to think of now, but when I was in chemo, etc., energy level and strength were actual factors in any project, so it’s important to know that for some folks.)
You don’t have a lot of room? You don’t have to. The garden can be enjoyed in any size or location, including the indoor variety or container gardening. The focus of Curt and Lisa’s center is to help put you back in touch with nature-gift items, flowers, bushes, bird-attracting seed and accessories, all geared towards, not conquering our outdoors, but living in harmony with it.
So there you go — head just north of Portales. I could write more, but it’s about 60 degrees out, and I saw this really cool red-berried bush that probably wants to live in my sculpture garden. …

Clyde Davis is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Portales and an instructor at Eastern New Mexico University. He can be contacted at