Tax proposal response mixed from readers

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked about the proposed quarter-percent increase in the gross-receipts tax, which is on Tuesday’s election ballot.
Some responses:

“I wholeheartedly support this tax increase. As explained by the city government, it will once and for all quell the need for pay raises for our city employees and provide needed money for infrastructure improvements, replacement equipment for the firefighters and police officers, and more. You get what you pay for. If you want a safe environment (police and fire), you have to provide the funds needed for this. If you want to solve our future problems with too much water (flooding) or not enough water (drinking water shortages), again it takes funding. I support this increase and pray it will be wisely used.”
— Bob Baker, Clovis

“This is about taxation without representation. Only registered voters residing in the city of Clovis are allowed to cast a vote while leaving the county out of it. Where do farmers and ranchers with their families buy their groceries, clothing and daily necessities? The city seems to think they are hovering on top of the county and we do not count. Maybe the county should hold its own election to tax anyone from the city using county roads, parks etc.
“I live one street (outside) the city limits; I pay for city water … but I am being treated as a red-headed stepchild. It looks like the city of Clovis does not recognize the Curry County people as part of the same family.”
— Maria Cheverez, Clovis

“I will vote for it because it is necessary, and the funds (might) otherwise be raised by increasing personal property taxes, which is not my first choice.”
— Harold Burris, Clovis

“I would rather vote for the quarter-percent tax than see property taxes go up. I realize a lot of the poorer people won’t like the tax, but I can’t afford to pay any more on property taxes either. Maybe they should only tax liquor and cigarettes to make up the quarter-percent.”
— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“I went to Clovis’ city hall and voted early (in support of) the tax. I don’t believe there’s any dark conspiracy in the Clovis city government to squander taxpayers’ money. I believe the money raised from the tax will be put to good use for all of us.”
— Brent McBee, Clovis

“I believe that if this quarter-percent gross-receipts tax raise will go to giving our police and firefighters a raise, then I would be all for it. Short of that, I think this is just another way to get money from taxpayers to fund more committees.
“We have committees to tell us whether we need an events center, what kind of an events center we need, where an events center should be built, whether we should build an events center with the county, etc. etc.
“… Funny thing is, we still do not have an events center.
“The same was true for building the jail. Committees were formed to decide what we are going to do with Hotel Clovis. Now there is a committee, or survey, to compare our police and firefighter salaries with other communities.
“… Let’s form a committee of taxpayers to really find out where our money is being spent or misspent. Then, maybe we do not need another tax increase.”
— Chet Spear, Clovis

“I will vote for the tax because it is the only fair way that all citizens and visitors to Clovis can contribute (and) underwrite all the services provided. I just hope it is used wisely, and especially to reinforce our police department.”
— Kay Arvizu, Clovis

“We are new residents to the area, and have not yet registered to vote. If I were to vote, I would probably vote no. There are enough new businesses in the area to provide new monies from the taxes they will have to pay.”
— Harry M. Richards, Clovis

“I was going to vote for it as I am sure that it is needed. But when I think of the commission members, I wonder if there is enough intelligence to handle the income from it.”
— Mac McDonald, Clovis

“I will vote against the gross-receipts (increase). Seems like we are caught in a cycle at all political levels: the more our leaders spend, the more taxes are increased, and the more our leaders spend. Certainly more efficient (not to mention wise) use of the funds at hand would be better than expecting more funds to replace those already spent.”
— Frank Dalton, Clovis

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