Voters to decide city leaders, tax issue

By Jack King

Clovis voters will select a mayor and four city commissioners and decide on a proposed quarter-percent gross-receipts tax increase on Tuesday.
City officials have said funds generated by the tax increase would be used for acquisition, construction or improvement of water, wastewater or solid waste systems or facilities; acquisition, rehabilitation or improvement of police and firefighting equipment; construction, reconstruction or improvement municipal streets, alleys, roads or bridges, and acquisition of rights of way; and payment of gross-receipts tax revenue bonds.
Two changes in the city charter are also on the ballot.
Amendment Proposal No. 1 would abolish term limits for the city if approved. The New Mexico Supreme Court found term limits unconstitutional in 1995. Officials have said the city charter’s term limits are not enforceable.
Charter Amendment Proposal No. 2, if approved, would change incorrect language in the charter. The amendment proposal quotes a section of the charter that discusses recall elections. The section currently refers to “seven” commissioners, but the correct number is eight.
Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Voting places
District 1: Mesa Elementary School, 4801 N. Norris St, Precincts 17, 35, 37; Zia Elementary, 2400 N. Norris St., Precincts 18, 19, 24.
District 2: Marshall Junior High School, 100 Commerce Way, Precincts 21, 22, 26, and that portion of Precinct 20 south of 17th Street and north of Ninth Street; Yucca Junior High School, 1500 Sycamore St., Precincts 23, 27 and 32; Lockwood Elementary, 400 Lockwood Drive, Precincts 5, 28, 33.
District 3: Gattis Junior High School, 1400 Cameo St., Precincts 7, 8, 9, 31 and that portion of Precinct 20 sought of Ninth Street; La Casita Elementary, 400 S. Davis Street, Precincts 6 and 25.
District 4: Highland Elementary, 100 E. Plains Ave., Precincts 13, 14, 15 and that portion of Precinct 20 north of 17th Street; Sandia Elementary, 2801 Lore Street, Precincts 10, 11 and 12.

On the ballot

• Raymond Eugene Atchley
• David M. Lansford (incumbent)
• Stephen J. Muscato Sr.

District 1 city commission
(Covers the northeastern part of the city from Seventh Street to Wilhite Street)
• Randal S. Crowder (unopposed)

District 2 city commission
(Covers the central part of the city from 21st Street to the southern city limits)
• Fred Van Soelen
• Len A. Vohs
• Gloria Wicker (incumbent)

District 3 city commission
(Covers the western part of the city, bordered on the north by 21st Street, on the south by Brady Avenue and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad)
• Robert O. Sandoval (incumbent, unopposed)

District 4 city commission
(Covers the northwestern part of the city from Prince Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard, with Llano Estacado Boulevard on the north)
• Jack W. Twite
• Lunell Winton (incumbent)

Tax question
Shall the City of Clovis, New Mexico, be authorized to impose a municipal gross receipts tax equal to one-fourth of one percent (1/4 %) of the gross receipts reported or required to be reported in the City of Clovis, for the purpose of furthering and implementing the municipal capital outlay gross receipts tax (Section 7-19D-12, NMSA 1978) and in accordance with the law?

Charter amendments
Proposal No. 1 — Charter amendment to repeal term limits, Section 3-2.

Proposal No. 2 — Charter amendment to correct the existing reference in Section 8-1E to the proper number of City Commissioners.
Section 8-1E — A vacancy created by a recall election shall be filled in the same manner as other vacancies on the City Commission are filled. If all commissioners are recalled at the same election, the Municipal Clerk, or if there is no Municipal Clerk, the District Court, shall within three (3) days call an election as provided in this Chapter for the election of eight (8) Commissioners.