Fred Van Soelen looks at Tuesday’s final election results as they are projected on the screen at City Hall. Van Soelen defeated Gloria Wicker and Len Vohs to win the district 2 city commissioner race. CNJ staff photo: Eric Kluth.


• (I) David Lansford — 2,474 votes.
Raymond Atchley — 366 votes.
Steve Muscato — 517 votes.

District 1 city commission:

• Randal S. Crowder (Unopposed)— 1,020 votes.

District 2 city commission:

• Fred Van Soelen — 285 votes.
Len A. Vohs — 248 votes
(I) Gloria Wicker — 245 votes

District 3 city commission:

• Robert O. Sandoval (Unopposed) — 237 votes

District 4 city commission:

Jack W. Twite — 212 votes
• (I) Lunell Winton — 720 votes

(I) — Incumbent candidate.

Tax question: Shall the City of Clovis, New Mexico, be authorized to impose a municipal gross receipts tax equal to one-fourth of one percent (1/4 %) of the gross receipts reported or required to be reported in the City of Clovis, for the purpose of furthering and implementing the municipal capital outlay gross receipts tax (Section 7-19D-12, NMSA 1978) and in accordance with the law?

• For — 2,234 votes
Against — 1,077 votes

Charter amendments:
Proposal No. 1 — Charter amendment to repeal term limits, Section 3-2.

For — 1,472 votes
• Against — 1,608 votes

Proposal No. 2 — Charter amendment to correct the existing reference in Section 8-1 E to the proper number of City Commissioners.
Section 8-1E — A vacancy created by a recall election shall be filled in the same manner as other vacancies on the City Commission are filled. If all commissioners are recalled at the same election, the Municipal Clerk, or if there is not Municipal Clerk, the District Court, shall within three (3) days call an election as provided in the Chapter for the election of eight (8) Commissioners.

• For — 2,536 votes
Against — 603 votes