Texas residents prepare for primaries

By Michelle Seeber

Texas residents will go to the polls Tuesday to vote on more candidates, this time in their primary election.
At the local level in Bailey County, contested races for county commissioner exist in Precinct 1 and Precinct 4.
Republican Floyd “Butch” Vandiver and Democrat Rodney Baker are up against incumbent Jack Dunham, a Republican, in Precinct 1.
And Democrat Juan Chavez and Republican Lewis Wayne Shafer are running against Democrat incumbent Ginger Damron in Precinct 4.
In Precinct 3 for county commissioner incumbent Joey Kindle is unopposed.
Two Republicans are running for sheriff.
They are Charles “Otis” Carpenter against incumbent Richard Bradley Wills.
Bailey County Clerk Sherri Harrison said, “The sheriff’s race, which is countywide, is the biggest race we have going on. It will be decided on Tuesday, because the candidates are both Republicans.
“We have some other locally contested races,” she said, “but that’s the only one that’s countywide. The commissioners’ races will be decided in November.”
County Tax Assessor-Collector Berta Darland Combs is unopposed and incumbent for her seat.
And District Attorney Johnny Actkinson, a Republican, is unopposed and incumbent.
Voters in both Bailey and Parmer counties are being asked to choose again the candidates they want for the District 31 senate seat.
Elaine King Miller, a Democrat, and Jesse Quackenbush, Lee Gibson, Don Sparks, Kel Seliger, Bob Barnes and Kirk Edwards, all Republicans are seeking the position.
Seliger recently ran against and defeated Edwards for the unexpired senate term of Teel Bivins, a Republican appointed by President Bush to be ambassador to Sweden.
In Parmer County, county commissioners are contested in Precinct 1 and Precinct 3.
“The biggest race is Friona,” Parmer County Clerk Colleen Stover said of Precinct 1. “They’re really campaigning over there.”
Republicans John Tannahill and John Mars are running against Republican incumbent Kirk Frye in that precinct.
Democrat Michael Haseloff is running against Democrat incumbent Ed Corn in Precinct 3 in Farwell.
Republican incumbent Sheriff Randy Geries is unopposed for his seat, and Republican Jeff Actkinson is unopposed for county attorney.
Incumbent County Tax Assessor-Collector Bobbie Pierson is unopposed.
Incumbent County Attorney Charles Aycock withdrew from the race.
Voters in both counties will be asked to select a Democrat to run against President Bush.
And they will be asked to vote in a candidate for railroad commissioner, Place 9 Supreme Court justice, Place 5 Supreme Court justice, Place 3 Supreme Court justice, and Place 6 judge Criminal Court of Appeals and Place 2 judge Criminal Court of Appeals.