Honor rolls 4/11

Disclosure Statement
The following student names are listed as their respective schools have submitted them. Names may have been withheld in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Student qualification for Clovis Municipal Schools’ Honor Roll is decided, based on the following criteria:
Elementary Schools: Two honor rolls will be created in grades 3-6 and will only include the four core content areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts). “A” Honor Roll – Student must have all “A’s” to qualify at the end of a nine-week period. “A-B” Honor Roll – Student must achieve at least two “A’s” to qualify at the end of a nine-week period.
Secondary Schools (7-12): One honor roll will be created and will reflect an overall G.P.A. of 3.5 or better for the current courses the student is enrolled in during a nine-week period.

Sandia Elementary School
Third grade: “A” Honor Roll: Jessica Bryan, Daniella Cortez, Rebecca Davis, Lyndsi LeClear, Jacob Mendoza, Nick Millet, Heather Purdy and Madison Turbeville. “A-B” Honor Roll: William Anthony, Janay Blevins, Manuel Chavira, Tanya Chavez, Jamie Crissy, Jaden Halsey, Kailyn Horenziak, Richard Millero, Marissa Montoya, Jane Salinas, Elizabeth Smith, Maria Vargas and Paige Killsfirst.
Fourth grade: “A” Honor Roll: Hazel Cunningham, Skyler Fogle, Kaley Harlin, Sofia Helm, Kyleigh Knight, Breann Morrison, Shatia Phillips, Tana Tenorio and Holli Watson. “A-B” Honor Roll: Tanner Autrey, Ryan Brown, Robyn Hall, Chelsea Trollinger and Sierra Viscaino.
Fifth grade: “A” Honor Roll: Felicia Aguilar, Ashley Colella, Deanna Coyle, Colton Dant, Roberto DeLeon and Natasha Salazar. “A-B” Honor Roll: Taisha Bosque, Kinsley Duffield, Caleb Foster, Travis Gorrell, Geralyn Henry, Brandon Landrus, Kelsi Osborn, Mariah Robinson and Chris Salazar.
Sixth grade: “A” Honor Roll: Margaret Davis. “A-B” Honor Roll: Ashley Chavez, Sarah Dobson, Scotty Fogle, Gabby Jones, Lisa Martinez, Chance Morrison, Anthony Schweitzer and Lee Ann Stark.