Police Blotter 4/25

High school security staff called police about 8 a.m. Monday to report the apparent theft of one money bag from a school office. The school cashier said she had gone to the school vault to get four money bags, placed them in her desk drawer, and left her office for about five minutes without securing the door. When she returned, she found one of the four money bags with $327 missing.
Police interviewed staff members working in adjacent offices to determine if anyone saw someone entering the office during the period the money bag disappeared.
• • •
A gas station clerk called police about 8 p.m. Monday to report receiving a counterfeit $20 bill. Police determined the bill was not valid currency, took a description of the man who gave it to the clerk, and took the bill into evidence.
• • •
Police responded to a dentist’s office about 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday regarding a dispute between a patient and her dentist.
The patient told police that she believed the dentist had put his instruments in the wrong place and told him to stop, but when he continued, she grabbed his arm. The patient said the dentist then told her to leave and not come back, followed her to the doorway, and gave her a slight push at the door, and told the receptionist not to let her back in the office. The patient inquired about pressing charges of battery against the dentist and said she would pursue a complaint with the medical authorities as well.
The dentist denied touching the patient in any manner and said the patient had been giving him “a verbal lashing” which caused him to tell her to leave. The dentist also told police that once a patient grabs his hand, he routinely stops working on the patient for safety reasons.
• • •
Shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to the 800 block of Wallace for a report of shots fired.
A resident showed police a 12- to 14-inch-wide shotgun blast to the right lower section of his front entrance screen door. Police said the damage appeared to have been done by birdshot.
The resident said early in the evening about eight to 12 males had been outside his home drinking beer and two vehicles were parked in front of his house, one of them blocking his driveway. The resident said the people in the cars had cursed at him when he tried to get them to move out of the way so he could get in his driveway, and the damage was done about two hours later.

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