Rancher ups reward for info on wife’s murderer

By TV Hagenah: Freedom Newspapers

TUCUMCARI — A Quay County rancher and friends are offering $2,000 for information that leads to the arrest of his wife’s killer.
James Vance said he and several friends are putting up the reward money, which is in addition to $1,000 being offered by the local Crime Stoppers organization.
Joanie Vance was killed on Jan. 20, but no arrests have been made in connection with the case.
James Vance said frustration surrounding the investigation has led him to raise the reward.
“The investigators from the state police are trying to give us hope,” Vance said, “but there are no leads.
“We’re just hoping surely somebody knows something.”
The death, which state police described as “execution style,” took place while Joanie Vance was working at the Sundowner Gallery on First Street in the late afternoon.
“We are continuing to work on this,” said New Mexico State Police Major Daniel Lopez, “but really, we have nothing new to release at this time. There are no new leads I can point to.”
Chief of Police Dennis Townsend echoed Vance’s plea for people to contact law enforcement agencies if they have any information about the crime that might be useful.
“Even the smallest detail can be important,” Townsend said.