Alliance recruiting drama performer

By Darrell Todd Maurina

The Clovis Christian Ministerial Alliance decided Thursday morning to bring a man to Clovis who recites the entire Gospel of John from memory as part of a drama presentation.
Brad Sherrill, the presenter, is coming on Sept. 18 to Sandia Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque and the Rev. Brad Reeves of Kingswood United Methodist Church said the Clovis association would be able to bring him to Clovis for minimal travel cost if the association arranged to have him in Clovis the next day. The association agreed to have Sherrill come to Clovis for a 6 p.m. Sunday evening presentation, tentatively scheduled for a local school auditorium.
The Rev. Lance Clemmons, chairman of the Ministerial Alliance, said the event could easily be promoted as an evangelistic opportunity and the group should link up with theater departments at Eastern New Mexico University and Clovis Community College to attract students who may be interested.
“If we’re going to do this as an evangelistic event, we need to have advertising, counselors available, and do this thing right,” Reeves said.
The Ministerial Alliance voted to approve an $1,800 budget to bring Sherrill to Clovis with the understanding that additional funds would need to be raised for advertising and facility rental in Clovis.
In other business, the organization created a task force to assist the Lighthouse Mission with fundraising needs, appointing Reeves and two other pastors to serve as coordinators for the task force. The Lighthouse Mission is currently faced with the need to raise at least $140,000 to replace outdated kitchen equipment and build a new facility that would house its homeless shelter, soup kitchen and clothing ministries.