Experience with Clovis nursing home a positive one

Letters to the Editor

This letter is in reference to your recent articles of abuse and neglect in nursing homes; specifically the Buena Vista health center.
I feel there has been a terrible injustice done to that home. My dear mother-in-law has been a resident in that home for three years this month. My husband and I visit her once or twice each month and sometimes more often.
We live 160 miles away. Her other two sons visit between our visits. Our visits are completely unannounced. We never visit on the same day of the week or the same hour. Our visits may be 30 minutes or three hours.
Not one time have we found one single sign of abuse or neglect. She is always clean, her hair fixed, her clothes, room and bed are in good order. We have eaten with her many times and have found the meals to be perfectly acceptable. Each visit she is checked for injuries or bruising.
I’m sure there are other families like ours. If we found any of these claimed abuse cases our loved one would be moved.

Thelma Jean Beck

Carter does not deserve re-election
I would like to say that Brett Carter does not deserve to be re-elected as district attorney. The state did a poor job in prosecuting the slaying of Moses Ortiz.
During the past year of hearings, meetings, etc., my family never met with Carter. I know he is a busy man, but this was a murder case; one would think that he would be more involved.
I was unable to attend the entire trial and many hearings, but other members of my family did, and they never recall Carter ever speaking with them.
I would also like to comment about the jury in this case. A juror made a comment that the testimony from witnesses was very confusing, yet after only two hours, the jury came back with a not-guilty verdict. How can two hours be long enough to discuss three days of testimony from several witnesses, medical staff, police and the defendant? I feel the jury did not want to take the responsibility of carefully reviewing the case and delivering justice.
Police could have done their jobs better as well. I was amazed at the number of “I don’t know” and “not to my knowledge” answers they provided.
My brother, Moses Ortiz, is dead from five gunshot wounds. If Fernando Garcia is innocent, who killed my brother? Are the police looking for any other suspects?
My brother may have had some faults — nobody is perfect — but he was a good man and he did not deserve to die this way.

June (Ortiz) Orozco

Brett Carter victim of dirty politics
I agreed to have an election poster for District Attorney Brett Carter placed on my front lawn. This was done on May 1. By the next morning, the sign had been removed, along with several other signs my neighbors had in their yards supporting Carter.
There is also evidence of a number of Carter’s signs in many other sections of town being run over and flattened by vehicles. This is dirty politics by any stretch of one’s imagination, and is a really disgusting display of stupidity on someone’s part.

Joseph P. Smith Jr.

No need to call for Rumsfeld’s removal
Some people in the rank and file and in political circles are calling for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, which to me just doesn’t sound right. As a matter of fact, it seems like nothing more than straight-out politics.
Those calling for his resignation need to read more sports pages because exactly the same thing happens in sports. A team doesn’t win the championship and the manager gets fired. Ninety nine per cent of the time it’s the players who are to blame because they’re the ones who failed by making mistakes.
It’s only fair to ask who is it that’s on the field playing the game?
The manager can only do what he can do with what he has available. He can’t run with the ball, hit a home run, or make a basket. Rumsfeld is in that very same position, but only on the political field.
He acted on the intelligence that was available to him just as he does in all facets of this war. Now he should be left to see the investigation run its course and see to it that the culprits on whatever level are properly punished.
Does it matter to me if he stays in office? Not at all. I just feel he should be left to do his job and that all those who keep on with this petty bickering should close their mouths.

Bill Sconone
There is more to the Clovis crime story
Two articles in the past few weeks have been published regarding crime in Clovis. The source for some of the statistics in both articles seems to be the 2003 annual report from the Clovis Police Department.
While I agree that it is important to hear about homicide and sexual assault rates, I wonder if your readers would care to know the rest of the story.
The report tells us that the crime rate has actually dropped in most of the categories listed, including robbery, burglary, theft and larceny, assault, vandalism, DWI, liquor law violations and runaways.
The total calls for service also dropped.
Crime rates fluctuate from year to year, but I am concerned that people will get the wrong impression from your stories that crime is out of control in Clovis, when the report shows that it is not.
This is important to show when we are trying to attract business and investment to our area, and also in making people feel safe in their own homes.
Overall, crime is dropping, and I think the Clovis Police Department and all local law enforcement agencies deserve our appreciation and backing for a job well done.

Fred Van Soelen
Clovis City Commissioner