Youth seek God in rally

By Tova Fruchtman: CNJ staff writer

About 50 youth and adults gathered at the Clovis-Carver Public Library on Saturday night to participate in the Blaze the Nation Youth Rally put on by Rene and Monica Herrara of Artesia.

The rally in Clovis was the fifth rally the Herraras have put on this summer.

Activities included testimonies, music, including live hip-hop, and even a break-dancing contest.

The testimonies were candid and straight forward. A few testimonies addressed former involvement with drugs and alcohol.

“We’re looking for recruits who want to do something for God,” said Rene Herrara, 23. “We’ll give them the opportunity to use their gifts.”

Though many of the people at the rally were already involved with a church, Sharon Lewis, a friend, two nephews and two nieces were walking by and decided to stop in.

“I just wanted to hear the Lord’s word,” Lewis said. “I’ve been in trouble all my life and I wanted to turn around.

“This is the good thing about it — it’s drawing the children,” she said as she waved to a little girl who had walked closer to the stage to hear the music. “They can save them now, they don’t have to worry about them later.”

Monica Herrara, 24, an organizer of the event, said next year they hope to have their first rally in Clovis in the beginning of May. She said next year’s event will include an all-day basketball tournament leading up to the rally at night.

She said Clovis police, city officials and some local business leaders were supportive.

“We would really like some more support from the community next year,” she said.