Reporter’s notebook: Family effort helps food bank

CNJ staff

Daron Roach is a trucker. His mother, Aileen Eastwood, is secretary of the Clovis Evening Lion’s Club. Together they were able to get 11,000 pounds of canned vegetables from Arkansas to Clovis.

One day, when making a drop at a food company in Arkansas, Roach saw a pallet of shiny silver cans on a dock, labeled for disposal.

He inquired with company management about the cans, and they told him they were being thrown out for quality control reasons. However, Allen Cannery management said they would give him some food if he had a charity in mind.

In fact, Roach did have a charity in mind. His mother had already asked him to get some vegetables down to Clovis for the food bank. So he loaded over 11,000 pounds of canned vegetables on five pallets to bring back to the Life Saver Food Bank.

“We’ve received it,” said Nancy Taylor, executive director of Life Saver Food Bank here in Clovis.

Taylor said this donation is extremely significant, and it will keep them going for months.

“We were out (of vegetables). This is going to see us through for the time between now and our first holiday canned food drive,” she said.

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