Clovis’ first full-service day spa opens

Brook Abernathy recently opened the Hydrations Day Spa, the first full-service day spa in Clovis. (CNJ staff photo: John Eisel)

By David Irvin: CNJ staff writer

Some area residents were happy to learn last week that a healthy dose of poshness has arrived in Clovis.

A full-service day spa has opened on Commerce Street that will service all sorts of pampering needs. According to the owner of Hydrations Day Spa and other area businesses owners, this is the first full-service day spa in Clovis.

Area resident Liz Brosius moved here from Japan, where she was used to being pampered at the day spas where she lived. When she came here she had to do without for awhile.

“You always feel better walking out than you did when you walked in,” Brosius said. “If you treat yourself well, then you feel well.”

Since Hydrations opened a week ago, Brosius has already had a massage and facial at the spa, and she plans on buying other services.

The owner of the spa, Brook Abernathy, has been dreaming of setting up a day spa in Clovis for three years. She went off to work at a spa in Oklahoma to hone her therapy skills and her understanding of the day-spa business. She believes her experience will allow her to fully service her customers.

“I didn’t want to open it and not have a clue what I was doing,” she said. “A spa is a place where you can kick back, put on your robe and get pampered. It’s a natural healing place where you go to get away.”

She said visitors of the spa will be greeted with a robe, slippers and calming music as they prepare for whatever treatment they selected. Abernathy painted the walls a warm, dark color to help relax those coming to her spa.

“It’s just supposed to be cozy, ’cause a lot of people have body issues,” she said. “When the lights are on they’re not going to be comfortable.”

She holds a massage therapy license and esthetician license, she said.

Abernathy is offering seven kinds of facials, several waxing treatments, cosmetic services, massages, body treatments and medical esthetics. She also has package deals she is selling from $50 to $220.

The absence of a day spa in Clovis until now had some residents traveling to other towns for the services.

Barbara Acker, owner of Avalon Day Spa in Lubbock, said some Clovis clients will come to her spa, but they don’t make up a large portion of her business. She believes the level of service is key to the success of a day spa and she doesn’t see Hydrations as a direct competitor.

“I just think people are going to go where they get the best service,” she said.

Her full-service day spa offers massage therapy, body and facial waxing, skin rejuvenation and nail care, according to her company’s Web site.

Although other Clovis businesses offer services that include massage, nail care and even hot stone treatments, Abernathy said Hydrations is the first to offer it in a spa environment.

Clovis’ Body Mystique Salon offers a number of services, including body wraps, a hydrofusion capsule and tanning and hair services, according to the company’s Web site.
Heaven and Back Body Correctives offers hot stone and massage therapy, according to the owner, Liz Ramsey. She said she is not aware of any other day spas in the area.

Abernathy has purchased specialized equipment for Hydrations, including a high-frequency electrical zit remover, rotary brushes for men’s facials and a microdermabrasion machine that will arrive soon, she said.