County school board slots open

CNJ staff

Today is the only day for New Mexico residents to declare candidacy for school board elections.

Residents residing in Curry County must declare candidacy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Curry County Courthouse on Main Street in Clovis. The election will take place Feb. 1.

The following positions are up for election. The person currently holding the position is in parenthesis.

• District 1 — Ken Merritt, a school board member for 16 years, said he will forgo re-election in this district, which encompasses much of the city’s northeastern side.

At least two residents said they plan to declare candidacy in District 1 today.

Bonnie Mendoza, owner of the Guadalajara Cafe Mexican restaurant, said she decided she would run for board election when Merritt made his announcement. She has two children in the school district.

“This is something that came up and I felt like I needed a voice in there,” Mendoza said.

Clovis attorney Max Best said he will declare his candidacy today.

“I have two kids in school and I want to make sure that our school system is secure and we are doing the right thing by our kids,” Best said.

• District 2 — Lola Bryant was appointed to this position when longtime board member George Banister resigned in May.

Bryant said she plans to seek re-election in the district located in the center of the city. Bryant and District 2 resident Rube Render were considered by the school board with Bryant being chosen.

Render, a member of the central committee for the Republican Party, said he plans to run for election.

“What has happened is everybody has tried to solve K-12 education problems in college, rather than solving the problems earlier when they need to be solved,” Render said.

• Position 4 — (Ted Richardson)
• Position 5 — (Randy Cain)

• Two positions (Stewart Pond, Kay White)

• Position 1 — (Paul Grider)
• Position 2 — (Lon Sultermeir)

Fort Sumner:
Candidates must register between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the De Baca County Courthouse at 514 Ave. C, in Fort Sumner.
• Two positions (Billy Kyle, Joe Felty)