Readers want good use made of YRB

Project Reader Reaction

Readers want good use made of YRB

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked:

“A city official wants to demolish the city-owned Youth Recreation Building, but the Clovis Bowhunters Club wants to buy the building for $1 and repair it. What do you think?”

Some responses:

“THIS BUILDING WAS BUILT when I was in high school. We students thought it would be a place we could hang out, play games, drink sodas and listen to music. Boy, were we surprised! We did have an occasional dance there, but the only people who hung out there to play games were the Senior Citizens. I have never understood why it was called the Youth Center, and I have never understood why it wasn’t utilized as one. With all the talk about “nothing for the kids to do in Clovis,” and “stop the kids from dragging Main,” it has been a real puzzle to me why this perfectly good (at that time) building was not always full of kids. I think it ought to be repaired and used for the purpose it was originally intended.”
— Kay Arvizu

“I THINK THIS IS a no-brainer: Sell it for the dollar and also include the parking lot … and let the bowhunters club fix it for their use. Why does this city’s managers and commissioners always want to spend money like a child in a candy store? The building is not being used so I don’t see a problem letting a reputable organization buy the building and fix it up for their use.”
— Steve Gershon

“LET THEM BUY IT. It will be cheaper for the city than to expend funds for demolition; but then again our city administrators and commission isn’t known for making cost-effective decisions.”
— Bruce Ford

“I FAVOR THE CITY’S proposal.”
— Harold Burris

“THE CITY SHOULD SELL the … building to the bowhunters club. It would benefit hunters and the building could look much better than a vacant lot full of city equipment.”
— John Frey

“… THE BUYERS NEED TO be financially able to perform and the city needs to provide a strict covenant of promises that must be kept by the new building owners so that the repairs are done in a timely manner, and the building becomes another “Something to do in Clovis,” which everyone wants. Bravo bowhunters!”
— Carolyn Spence

“IF THE CLOVIS BOWHUNTERS Club wants to buy the building, the city should sell it to them to include the parking lot. This way if they want to hold tournaments they will have available parking without causing a problem in that area. If the bowhunters have the available resources to repair the building, why should the city step in and pay monies which they say they don’t have anyway to repair or demolish the building?”
— Charles Hemphill

“LET THE BOWHUNTERS HAVE the building. It would be a shame to demolish such a good building.”
— H. M. Richards

“… WHAT DOES THE CITY plan on doing with the land after the YRB is demolished? If there are no plans, then sell it to the bowhunters with a provision that if they do not make the repairs in a timely fashion then the city takes the building back and there is a monetary penalty that the bowhunters club must pay.”
— Jeff Greene

“I THINK THE BOWHUNTERS club should be allowed to purchase the YRB building. That is with a stipulation that it will be maintained and not to become a danger or an eyesore to the public. I think too many good, sound buildings are being demolished that could be put to good use. This present City Commission probably has no idea how difficult it was to get the building in the first place.”
— Mac McDonald

“I FEEL IT WOULD be better for the city as well as the bowhunters club for the city to let it go to someone who cares enough to fix the building. If the club could start teaching archery to some of Clovis’ youth it would be more than worth it to give the building and parking lot to the club. …”
— Ardyth Elms

“HOW MUCH WILL IT cost the city to knock it down? If the bowhunters are willing to put their time, effort and money into fixing it, seems like a good idea to me. Or does the city have another reason for wanting to knock it down?”
— Dan Toledo