Reader Reaction: Poaching punishment reactions mixed

A Project: Reader Reaction question asked about the recent killing of five deer out of season. If convicted, the suspect faces a maximum punishment of 7 1/2 years in jail. Is the potential sentence too harsh? Too lenient? Some responses:

BEAUTIFUL TROPHIES THAT HUNDREDS of law-abiding citizens would love to have. … I say the (potential) punishment is fair and he should serve the full term. … I’m thinking of all the money and years I have spent trying to bag just one like those.”

— Mac McDonald

I RECOMMEND A WORK sentence. In jail, he is a liability. Rather he should be forced to provide some useful work for the fish and wildlife service, such as clearing brush and trees, repairing fences and other duties assigned by the department. I suggest a year of weekends for such activities.”

— Harold Burris

I THINK THAT ALL involved should get the max, even the ones who weren’t the shooter. This action was disgusting.”

— Mearl Thomas

I DON’T THINK PEOPLE can remember a poaching case in this area like this before and I think an example should be made to show the severity of the crime. Poach one deer to eat it and that’s a crime, but kill five deer and waste them … I believe that makes it a joy ride for bragging rights. Now the law should … use this case as an example for others who might think it wasn’t so serious.”

— Steve Gershon

DESTROYING A MAN’S LIFE by incarceration for a violation of game-control laws is criminal! It isn’t the best punishment and it does nothing to restore the damage he has done. He needs to be sentenced to hard labor in working to be responsible in the use of firearms and in game management. He needs to work convincing others of the need to obey the law. Maybe he can give talks on responsible hunting to school kids. That would make him more useful, and more thoughtful in the future.”

— Carolyn Spence

THE 7 1/2 YEARS PUNISHMENT sounds harsh, but the culprit will probably cop a plea and be put on probation.”

— John Frey

TOO BAD WE CAN’T ask those deer.”

— Christy Mendoza