Timeline of events in Roosevelt County deaths

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Timeline: Roosevelt County deaths

• 10:15 p.m. Wednesday: Officials said a car belonging to Odis and Doris Newman was at ACCESSBANK in Portales, where someone attempted to use a debit card that belonged to Doris Newman. According to a search warrant filed Tuesday in magistrate court, the person attempted to withdraw $400, but entered the wrong personal identification number (PIN).

• 8 a.m. Thursday: Firefighters were called to a car fire southeast of Portales, where human remains were found in the trunk. The car, a Lincoln Continental was owned by the Newmans and was believed to be the car at ACCESSBANK on Wednesday night.

• 3 p.m. Thursday: Firefighters were called to the Newmans’ home at Roosevelt Road 4 Lane. Officials said the house fire started in the kitchen. Officials have not released the amount of damage, but the home appeared to have sustained minimal structural damage.

• 4:45 p.m. Thursday: A blue Ford pickup belonging to the Newmans was seen at an Allsup’s convenience store at 14th Street and Avenue D in Portales. Chandler said he believes a suspect connected to the deaths and fires was driving the pickup, which was later found abandoned in Portales. Officials believe a transaction was made at the store at 4:36 p.m.

• 5:43 p.m. Thursday: Officials believe another transaction involving a suspect was made, this time at the Allsup’s store at 120 N. Chicago Ave. in Portales.

• 3 p.m. Monday: A Clovis pawn shop reported that three individuals were attempting to sell property belonging to the Newmans. The Clovis Police Department responded and placed all three under arrest.

• 11 p.m. Monday: Officials said information led them to a residence where Jerry Fuller’s girlfriend was. Officials said they learned that Fuller knew significant information about the Newmans’ deaths and that he had a handgun.

• 1 a.m. Tuesday: A police bulletin was issued for a white Mercury Sable that was registered to Fuller.

• 3 a.m. Tuesday: Fuller’s car was discovered at 1020 North Main.

• 4 a.m. Tuesday: Law-enforcement officials called out the Clovis Police Department’s special response team.

• 6 a.m. Tuesday: The special response team arrived and set up a neighborhood perimeter on North Main Avenue between West Ivy Street and West Juniper Street in Portales.

• 6:59 a.m. Tuesday: Fuller appeared from what officials said was a shed near the North Main residence, with what appeared to be a weapon. Response team members said they instructed Fuller numerous times to drop his weapon and show his hands. Fuller did not comply, and officials said he was shot once in the torso.

• The latest: Fuller was taken to Roosevelt General Hospital for care, then airlifted to Covenant Hospital in Lubbock where he was listed in critical condition late Tuesday.

The human remains from the car have been sent to the Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque. The bodies and cause of death have yet to be identified, but officials are confident the bodies are those of the Newmans.

• Roosevelt County Crime Stoppers and the New Mexico State Police are still accepting information. Contact the Crime Stoppers at 356-8100 or the state police at 763-3426.

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