Domenici requests funds for Cannon military construction

CNJ staff

WASHINGTON— U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, requested $15.2 million Monday to support military construction needs at Cannon Air Force Base, according to a press release.

Domenici is requesting the funding be included in the fiscal year 2006 Military Construction Appropriations Bill that the committee will develop this spring and summer.

The Senator is seeking $13.2 million to replace a fuel storage and loading facility, the released stated. The project will provide a modern fuel storage and distribution system, renovating facilities constructed in the 1960s to safely unload commercial fuel delivery trucks. The President also included this request in his 2006 budget.

Domenici also requested $2 million to construct a consolidated communications facility for Cannon. Currently the three main communication facilities spread across the base are housed in inadequate building. This project would create a consolidated communications facility with storage space.