amos: one hectic day

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

one hectic day

boss i may have
mentioned this before
but life ain t easy
under a cushionless
church pew

yesterday was one fine
hectic day

it all started the
night before

i had been restless all
day so when i climbed
into my cozy little
matchbox bed i tossed
and i turned i flipped and
i flopped i crashed and i
thrashed and gnashed
my teeth in despair
i rubbed and i rolled and
created so much friction
in my little matchbox
bed that i m surprised
my dreams and i didn t
go up in smoke

in the morning i groggily
groped my way toward
the baptistery for my
morning wake-up plunge
only to be stampeded
by a bunch of noisy teenage
cockroaches being driven
out of the church
kitchen by the little
old white-haired
custodian waving his
bug sprayer everywhere

i was just planning to
sprinkle a few drops
of water on my little
whiskered face but
those stampeding bugs
thumped me full body
into the pool boss and i
nearly drowned just
trying to find the
water s edge

just as i was climbing
out boss the whole
church pew underworld
descended on me

a group of singing bluejays
started practicing for their
sunday morning special
the church s ladybug
sewing circle surrounded
me and wanted me to serve
as their clothes dummy

from the window a group
of magpies started up
a theological bantering
match about the morals
of trapdoor spiders

let me outta here i yelled
out loud gimme some
peace and quiet far from
this madding crowd

instead i was drowned
out by a quartet of chirping
mockingbirds a pair of
haggling crows on the
corner trying to buy
the latest styles in
nesting apparatus and
then there were two
angry snapping turtles
trying to bite each
other s heads off

this isn t right says me
looking for a way out
there must be a haven
somewhere on some
secluded route
a place of peace and
quiet without having
to fight your way
through a raucous riot

then right before me
boss there it was – an
open bible with a verse
highlighted in neon
yellow it was a passage
from ecclesiastes four-six
which states –

better is a handful of
quietness than both hands
full of much striving
after wind

that says it all boss
my spirit quieted within
me and my soul rested
in his peace