Crickets joining Clovis Music Festival

CNJ staff

The Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Clovis announced Tuesday that Buddy Holly’s backup group, The Crickets, is joining the lineup for September’s Clovis Music Festival.

It has been close to 20 years since The Crickets have played in Clovis, according to officials.

The band will perform on Sept. 9 at Marshall Junior High. Sonny West and the Fireballs will also perform on that day.

Chamber spokeswoman Liz Eisenbraun said “The Poor Boys” are also interested in playing at the Clovis Music Festival.

“Their drummer Carl Bunch was the original drummer on Buddy’s last tour,” she said.

The music festival is drawing plenty of attention, especially since it’s in the town where Holly recorded some of his biggest hits, according to Eisenbraun.

“I’m getting e-mails from Australia, England and Canada from excited fans that are coming to the event,” she said.

For information on the festival, contact Eisenbraun at 763-3435.