Letters to the editor 4/13

Superintendent forum unnecessary
I disagree with the stance the newspaper has taken concerning the employment of a new school superintendent. If anyone wants to offer input on the selection, they have an elected school board member they can call. The position should not be decided by a public forum.

Our school board has done a great job over many years in finding and hiring quality individuals for our school leadership.

I can almost guarantee the school board that these folks who are promoting their buddies for the job will disappear the first time he doesn’t measure up in a tight situation.

The candidates should not have to go before any public forum because the public will not hire them. The board will sit alone in the judgment of the community for any selection they make.

Stanley L. Glenn

County Commission supports MLK overpass

The Curry County Commission supports the efforts to review the feasibility of a railroad overpass at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Grand Avenue.

Safety and convenience concerns are foremost for citizens of the area. Access was reduced to the area due to the closing of the Wheaton Street crossing and expansion of Burlington Northern Santa Fe operations. The residents south of MLK are essentially closed off from essential functions such as medical, retail, recreational facilities and other services without transversing a winding loop of several miles of county roads.

Long waits of 30 minutes to one hour often await anyone wishing to cross MLK. Children desiring to access Potter Park are at substantial risk or often cannot use the public swimming pool and other facilities even though they can view the park from across the railroad.

The board of commissioners of Curry County supports by resolution the efforts to build an overpass at MLK and Grand Avenue.

Please join us in the continuing effort to complete this important project.

Edwin H. Perales
Chairperson, Curry County Commission

Please run ‘Pickles’ and ‘Doonesbury’
Thank you for seeking feedback for the daily comics pages.

My aunt used to send my dad the comic strip “Pickles” from the Tacoma (Wash.) daily newspaper. He saved them for me to read and we enjoyed sharing the humor.

Since he died I no longer get a chance to read them. I would love for you to get the “Pickles” strip for our newspaper.

Also, please, please, please get “Doonesbury” back in the dailies. It is one of my very favorite strips, no matter who is our current president. It may offend some, but the humor is delicious.

I appreciate that Doonesbury is in the Sunday paper.

I turn first to the comics section when the paper arrives. The humor sets the right start for my day.

Betty Martin