Clovis wins top honors for fourth straight year

The Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE — The Clovis News Journal won best of show in the smaller-paper circulation division for the fourth straight year Saturday in the New Mexico Associated Press Managing Editors annual contest.

The CNJ earned first-place honors in continuing coverage, investigative reporting, columns, sports writing, graphics/illustrations, spot news photo, photo essay and tied for best Web site.

The Albuquerque Tribune, Hobbs News-Sun, The Durango Herald also won top division honors.

Awards for excellence in news coverage for 2004 were given in three circulation divisions for newspapers in New Mexico, as well as those along the state borders that receive the New Mexico state AP wire.

The Las Cruces Sun-News received the annual Mark Twain Award, which honors outstanding member cooperation throughout the year.

In the largest circulation division, The Albuquerque Tribune won five first-place awards, for spot news photo, business writing, graphics/illustrations, sports photo and photo essay, as well as best-of-show award.

The Santa Fe New Mexican won six first place awards, for editorials, continuing coverage, investigative reporting, front page/section front, headlines, and web site.

The Albuquerque Journal took first-place honors for columns, sports writing and science writing.

The Las Cruces Sun-News won for feature writing and feature photo.

The El Paso Times won in spot news.

In the second-largest circulation category, the Hobbs News-Sun and The Durango Herald tied for best of show.
In that division, The Daily Times of Farmington garnered six first-place awards: for spot news, investigative reporting, business writing, columns, feature photo and front page/section front.

The Durango Herald won for editorials, photo essay and web site, and tied for best of show in the circulation category.

The Hobbs News Sun won for sports writing, science writing, graphics/illustrations. It shared best-of-show honors with the Durango paper.

The Gallup Independent won for continuing coverage and sports photo.

The Roswell Daily Record won for feature writing and spot news photo.

In the small-circulation division, The Daily Lobo won for editorials, headlines, front page/section front, feature photo and sports photo.

The Portales News-Tribune won for business writing and tied for best web site.

The Las Vegas Optic won first place for spot news, the Los Alamos Monitor won for feature writing and the Alamogordo Daily News won for science writing.

The contest was judged by AP members in Maryland, and a point system was used to determine the best-of-show winners.

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — Complete list of winners in the 2004 New Mexico Associated Press Managing Editors contest:

Division A
Spot News — 1. El Paso Times, Officer slain, Daniel Borunda, Gustavo Reveles Acosta and Zahira Torres. 2. Albuquerque Journal, Balloon crashes, Russell Contreras and Leann Holt. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Stopped cold, Jeff Jones and Tania Soussan. Honorable Mention: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Family of four murdered, Jason Womack.

Continuing Coverage — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Homeless in Santa Fe, Christine Barber. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Homefront, Ollie Reed Jr. and Iliana Limon. 3. The Albuquerque Tribune, Change on the range, Carrie Seidman. Honorable Mention: The Santa Fe New Mexican, Price of Deterrence, Jeff Tollefson.

Investigative Reporting — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, DWI: The long road to reform, Geoff Grammer, Doug Mattson and Marissa Stone. 2. Albuquerque Journal, A 9-11 phony, Leslie Linthicum. 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican, The measure of man, Sandy Nelson. Honorable Mention: The Santa Fe New Mexican, Heroin: Revisiting Rio Arriba County, Barbara Ferry, Luis Sanchez Saturno, Marissa Stone.

Editorials — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, WIPP watchdog muzzled, William Waters. 2. Albuquerque Journal, Garbage trucks make lousy rally cars, Steve Mills. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Paseo has to jump through another hoop, Denise Tessier. Honorable Mention: The Albuquerque Tribune, Warning should kindle policy shifts for Bush, Larry Spohn.

Columns — 1. Albuquerque Journal, The lottery that nobody ever won, Charles D. Brunt. 2. Albuquerque Journal, A mother’s gift came with a terrible price, Rebecca Szymanski. 3. The Albuquerque Tribune, Bathing Suit (my! oh!) can’t skim flaws, M.J. Wilde.

Feature Writing — 1. Las Cruces Sun-News, Last call, Heath Haussamen. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Face of courage, Joline Gutierrez Krueger. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Learning new steps, Debra Dominguez. Honorable Mention: El Paso Times, Tarahumara: A vanishing people, Louie Gilot.

Sports Writing — 1. Albuquerque Journal, The money Pit, Rick Wright. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, The passion of the coach, Jeff Carlton. 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Ziontastic, Jason Auslander.

Science Writing — 1. Albuquerque Journal, Landfill debate deadlocked, John Fleck. 2. Albuquerque Journal, Changing landscape, John Fleck. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Larger brains, longer lives, John Fleck.

Business Writing — 1. The Albuquerque Tribune, The other side of darkness, Nancy Salem. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Bringing in the buckaroos, Nancy Salem. 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican, All in the family, Julie Ann Grimm.

Headlines — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Kristie Jones. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Angela Carpenter. 3. Las Cruces Sun-News, Jason Watkins. Honorable Mention: Albuquerque Journal, Gayle Geis-O’Dowd.

Front Page/Section Front — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Jay Binneweg. 2. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Rick Lopez. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Erica Weingartner.

Graphics/Illustrations — 1. The Albuquerque Tribune, Charlotte Hill. 2. Albuquerque Journal, Carol Cooperrider. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Cathryn Cunningham. Honorable Mention: The Santa Fe New Mexican, Christine Barber.

Spot News Photo — 1. The Albuquerque Tribune, Balloon rescue, Craig Fritz. 2. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Toeing the line, Wes Pope. 3. Albuquerque Journal, Homicide sentencing, Jim Thompson. Honorable mention: Las Cruces Sun-News, Hay fire, Norm Dettlaff.

Feature Photo — 1. Las Cruces Sun-News, Chihuahuas race, Vladimir Chaloupka. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Powwow at the Pit, Craig Fritz. 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Home on the (Raton) Range, Wes Pope. Honorable Mention: Las Cruces Sun-News, Powdery Pass, Vladimir Chaloupka.

Sports Photo — 1. The Albuquerque Tribune, Tapia Toppled, Stacia Spragg. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Rez got game, Michael J. Gallegos. 3. Las Cruces Sun-News, Bull riding, Vladimir Chaloupka. Honorable Mention: Las Cruces Sun-News, Reception, Norm Dettlaff.

Photo Essay — 1. The Albuquerque Tribune, Change on the range, Michael J. Gallegos. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, All for Mooda, Craig Fritz. 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Homeless in Santa Fe, Luis Sanchez Saturno.

Web Site — 1. The Santa Fe New Mexican, Web Staff. 2. The Albuquerque Tribune, Jeff Commings.
Best of Show: The Albuquerque Tribune.

Division B
Spot News — 1. The Daily Times, Dogs die in house fire, Lillian Kelly. 2. Roswell Daily Record, Police: Spike in shootings due to gang activity, Tara May. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Denver city teachers killed in wreck, Richard Trout. Honorable Mention: Roswell Daily Record, Storm brings multiple tornadoes, Melissa Hilgeman.

Continuing Coverage — 1. Gallup Independent, Uranium, Kathy Helms. 2. The Durango Herald, Nighthorse Campbell retiring, Charles Ashby and Jim Greenhill. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Segregation, Michelle A. Fox, Daniel Russell, Richard Trout and Jason Watkins. Honorable Mention: Hobbs News-Sun, Urenco tour, Richard Trout.

Investigative Reporting — 1. The Daily Times, The broken circle, Laura Banish. 2. Hobbs News-Sun, Mystery Money, Vange Perryman. 3. Roswell Daily Record, Shootings, Melissa Hilgeman. Honorable Mention: The Durango Herald, Meth tightens grip, Shane Benjamin.

Editorials — 1. The Durango Herald, Public business, Bill Roberts. 2. Roswell Daily Record, Stop the madness, Mike Bush. 3. The Durango Herald, Greening electricity, Richard Ballantine. Honorable Mention: Hobbs News-Sun, All sex offenders should have a face, Jason Watkins.

Columns — 1. The Daily Times, Christmas, J. David Barron. 2. Hobbs News-Sun, Kay, Robert Crow. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Friend, Richard Trout. Honorable Mention: Hobbs News-Sun, Dust, Daniel Russell.

Feature Writing — 1. Roswell Daily Record, Man’s recovery, Melissa Hilgeman. 2. The Durango Herald, Mother’s pain, Jim Greenhill. 3. Roswell Daily Record, 109-year-old woman, Andrew Poertner. Honorable Mention: The Durango Herald, Nighthorse Campbell’s silversmith skills, Patricia Miller.

Sports Writing — 1. Hobbs News-Sun, Roll the credits, Robert Crow. 2. The Durango Herald, Road to redemption, Gregory Moore. 3. The Durango Herald, Shooting for Torino, J. David Barron.

Science Writing — 1. Hobbs News-Sun, Antidepressants, Richard Trout. 2. Hobbs News-Sun, Stroke, Vange Perryman. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Contacts, Richard Trout.

Business Writing — 1. The Daily Times, Flaca’s place, Debra Mayeux. 2. The Durango Herald, No room for the inn, Jim Greenhill. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Development, Richard Trout. Honorable Mention: The Durango Herald, Take-home pay, Tom Sluis.

Headlines — No winners selected.

Front Page/Section Front — 1. The Daily Times, Kim Noteboom. 2. Hobbs News-Sun, Scott Jones. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Jason Watkins and Robert Crow.

Graphics/Illustrations — 1. Hobbs News-Sun, Cody Carroll. 2. Roswell Daily Record, Toby Martinez.

Spot News Photo — 1. Roswell Daily Record, Soldier funeral, Andrew Poertner. 2. Roswell Daily Record, Peppin fire, Toby Martinez. 3. The Daily Times, Live, from Baghdad, Dave Watson. Honorable Mention: Gallup Independent, Trailer fire, Jeff Jones.

Feature Photo — 1. The Daily Times, Puddle skater, Dave Watson. 2. Gallup Independent, Solstice snow, Jeff Jones. 3. Roswell Daily Record, Bataan death march, Andrew Poertner. Honorable Mention: The Durango Herald, Dog sled, Jerry McBride.

Sports Photo — 1. Gallup Independent, Bulled over, Daniel Zollinger. 2. The Durango Herald, Soccer header, Jerry McBride. 3. Gallup Independent, Champions, Jeff Jones. Honorable Mention: The Durango Herald, Wrestling, Jerry McBride.

Photo Essay — 1. The Durango Herald, Clock repairman, Nancy Richmond. 2. The Durango Herald, Stagecoach ride, Jerry McBride. 3. The Durango Herald, Cemetery life, Nancy Richmond.

Web Site — 1. The Durango Herald. 2. Roswell Daily Record, Adam Jaramillo. 3. Hobbs News-Sun, Rob Beschizza.

Best of Show: (tie) Hobbs News-Sun and The Durango Herald.

Division C
Spot News — 1. Las Vegas Optic, Five killed in crash, David Wesner. 2. Carlsbad Current-Argus, Flooded out, Staff. 3. Clovis News Journal, Breath of life interrupts embalming, Darrell Todd Maurina. Honorable Mention: Portales News-Tribune, Portales students say final goodbye, Kevin Wilson.

Continuing Coverage — 1. Clovis News Journal, Title game, Staff. 2. Carlsbad Current-Argus, Drilling blowout, Staff. 3. Daily Lobo, Suicide, Matthew Chavez, Felicia Fonseca, Rachel Stohr, Rivkela Brodsky and Katy Knapp.

Investigative Reporting — 1. Clovis News Journal, Pay records, Staff. 2. Daily Lobo, Identity theft, Felicia Fonseca. 3. Los Alamos Monitor, Budget shortfall, Darryl Newman.

Editorials — 1. Daily Lobo, UNM a good deal for all but New Mexicans, Marisa Demarco. 2. Daily Lobo, Lobo strives to maintain journalistic integrity, Staff. 3. Los Alamos Monitor, Optimism prevails, Kelly LeVan Peitsmeyer. Honorable Mention: Alamogordo Daily News, Recognition of Estrada, Richard Coltharp.

Columns — 1. Clovis News Journal, Curry County continues history of secrecy, David Stevens. 2. Alamogordo Daily News, Monument more than names on a wall, Richard Coltharp. 3. Alamogordo Daily News, Presidential interview impresses writer, Michael Shinabery. Honorable Mention: Clovis News Journal, Biker was a family man and good friend, David Stevens.

Feature Writing — 1. Los Alamos Monitor, Amputee track star, Matthew Hietala. 2. Clovis News Journal, Family copes, Mike Linn. 3. Carlsbad Current-Argus, Farmers sell land, Stella Davis. Honorable Mention: Alamogordo Daily News, Underground education, Michael Shinabery.

Sports Writing — 1. Clovis News Journal, Making a big splash, Rick White. 2. Daily Lobo, Snowboarder, Audra Meiklejohn. 3. Los Alamos Monitor, Clowns, Matthew Hietala. Honorable Mention: Alamogordo Daily News, Pressing defeat, Gidal Kaiser.

Science Writing — 1. Alamogordo Daily News, Geothermal, Ellis Neel. 2. Los Alamos Monitor, Genesis probe, Roger Snodgrass. 3. Silver City Daily Press & Independent, Stream poisonings, Stephen Siegfried. Honorable Mention: Daily Lobo, Gatorade, Felicia Fonseca.

Business Writing — 1. Portales News-Tribune, Hispanic women making their marks, Helena Rodriguez. 2. Clovis News Journal, Hair today, gone tomorrow, Mike Linn. 3. Artesia Daily Press, Wal-Mart considers coming to Artesia, Susan J. Smith.

Headlines — 1. Daily Lobo, Travis Gallegos. 2. Clovis News Journal, Rick White. 3. Daily Lobo, Alison Patterson and Marisa Demarco. Honorable Mention: Daily Lobo, Rivkela Brodsky.

Front Page/Section Front — 1. Daily Lobo, Amy Jurgensen. 2. Clovis News Journal, Rick White. 3. Daily Lobo, Jesse Schulz.

Graphics/Illustrations — 1. Clovis News Journal, Eric Kluth.
Spot News Photo — 1. Clovis News Journal, Barn burner, Mike Linn. 2. Clovis News Journal, Fire destroys trailer, Eric Kluth. 3. Clovis News Journal, Two trucks collide, Eric Kluth. Honorable Mention: Alamogordo Dailly News, Job with a view, Elva K. Osterreich.

Feature Photo — 1. Daily Lobo, Clinton visit, Tina Larkin. 2. Clovis News Journal, Dash ’n splash, Mike Linn. 3. Los Alamos Monitor, Hair raising, Gary Warren. Honorable Mention: Los Alamos Monitor, The eyes have it, Gary Warren.

Sports Photo — 1. Daily Lobo, Basketball hoop, Colin Ley. 2. Alamogordo Daily News, Touchdown, Ellis Neel. 3. Alamogordo Daily News, Getting some air, Ellis Neel. Honorable Mention: Daily Lobo, Wide receiver, Tina Larkin.
Photo Essay — 1. Clovis News Journal, Ropin’ the rodeo, Eric Kluth. 2. Alamogordo Daily News, 4-H rodeo, Ellis Neel. 3. Alamogordo Daily News, Fire, Ellis Neel. Honorable Mention: Alamogordo Daily News, Every 15 minutes, Ellis Neel.

Web Site — (tie) 1. Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune.

Best of Show: Clovis News Journal.