Standoff at Fox Run stretches into night

City, county and state police surround the house on the property at The Restaurant at Fox Run Thursday on Llano Estacado. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By David Irvin: CNJ Staff writer

Curry County Sheriff Roger Hatcher said late Thursday night police planned to be patient with an armed female subject who barricaded herself inside a home on West Llano Estacado Boulevard.

Hatcher said a psychologist was assisting police in trying to coax the woman out of the house. He said their primary concern was the safety of the woman and officers.
“Time is on our side,” Hatcher said.

According to sheriff’s officials, deputies encountered an armed female subject about 1 p.m. at a residence near The Restaurant at Fox Run while responding to a security alarm. According to Hatcher, the suspect fired three to four shots in the direction of officers.

No one was injured, he said.

The Clovis SWAT team was called in to assist, and negotiations began with the woman.

“We have been on the phone with her several different times, working to resolve this without any further gun fire or anything else,” Hatcher said earlier Thursday. “We don’t believe she is local, but she does have relatives here.”

According to the sheriff, the woman claims she owns the house and has taken control of it.

Will Cockrell, who owns the restaurant and lives at the nearby residence, said an unknown woman showed up at 7 a.m. Tuesday at his home.

“This gal was saying ‘this is my property, you have no business here,’” he said. Cockrell told the woman he didn’t want any trouble with her, but if she didn’t leave he would call the police, he said.

He said by a sheriff’s deputy came to his house, but the woman had left by that time, he said.

Cockrell said based on her voice he believes it is the same woman who barricaded herself in the home.

Cockrell said when the security company called him Thursday informing him of a break-in he believed it was a false alarm.

“I went out there and the police were already there,” he said.

Police blocked off all roads to the residence starting in the early afternoon, making it impossible for anyone to get closer than 1/4 mile from the house. Cockrell said he went to stay with his son.

“My first reaction was, that there has been a mistake,” Cockrell said. “Secondly, I was a little perturbed, because I felt she shouldn’t have had a second chance at me.”

The New Mexico State called in its tactical team about 8 p.m. after hours of negotiations showed little progress, officials said.

“They’ve had some individuals talking to her, trying to coax her out of the residence,” said State Police Capt. Oscar Gonzales.