Project: Reader Reaction: Readers not worried about tornadoes

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked, “Do you worry about tornadoes?” Some responses:

I DON’T WORRY ABOUT tornadoes. If one were to worry about acts of God, he or she would live a life in fear. There are many things in life that will kill you. I don’t have time in my life to worry about the things I can’t control.”

— Jim Sitterly

“I DON’T WORRY MUCH about them at all. I suppose this is mainly because I live in Clovis and not in Plainview or Muleshoe, Texas.

“While Clovis has seen a few tornadoes since I moved here in 1979, I believe we are too close to the mountains in the west for the formation of serious tornadoes. The moist air coming up from the Gulf and mixing with the downflows off of the mountains takes place in the eastern plains of New Mexico. This is where the serious storms begin to form.

“Our high desert sets up the dry lines needed to build the storms and we send them on to Texas. With the prevailing southeasterly flow of wind, the storms don’t usually become tornadic until they get across the New Mexico-Texas line and about 30 miles or so into Texas.

“I don’t worry much, but I still have weather radios in the front and back of my home just in case.”

— Bob Baker

“I WOULDN’T SAY WORRY … what I would say is concern. It can happen, so being prepared for the ‘what if’ makes one look when it is reported that possible tornadoes are in the area.”

— Charles F. Hemphill

“THE CHANCES OF A TORNADO hitting your home around here appear to be about the same odds as a car crashing through your front door. There are far more important things in Clovis to be worried about.”

— Richard Lopes

“WHY WORRY ABOUT TORNADOES? It’s not like we can control them.”

— Jeffrey Greene

“I’M NOT WORRIED ABOUT tornadoes after one dipped out of the skies and picked up a 30-foot blue spruce tree and deposited it on top of the auto next door that was parked on the driveway. I live across the street from this location and did not know it had happened until I saw tornado chasers at the location. This happened on upper Axtell street about four years ago. (But I) never worry about anything that I have no control over.”

— Mac McDonald

“TORNADOES ARE PROBABLY THE most natural destructive force type of storm. I do not worry too much about them. With the early-warning systems, we should have enough time to prepare. Of course there is always the one that strikes before adequate warning can be given. I feel sorry for the people that live in mobile/manufactured housing areas. Seems like these storms are drawn to these areas. Hopefully there will not be any (tornadoes) in this area for a long time.”

— H.M. Richards