Project: Reader Reaction: More readers divided on base’s chances

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked:
“Will Cannon Air Force Base supporters convince Base Realignment and Closure commissioners to spare the base?” Some responses (continued from Sunday’s paper):

“WE AS A COMMUNITY have done all that can be done to save Cannon. The facts are now clear and on the table. Now the politics will begin. If our base is needed, it will be here; if it leaves, it will be the whole United States that will suffer this tremendous loss. We will survive either way. Clovis people are strong and our economic development is well under way to make our community grow.”

— Jim Sitterly

“I BELIEVE RANDY HARRIS and Chad Lydick did an excellent job of presenting the errors made by the DoD concerning all aspects of the decision to close Cannon. Both men presented facts mixed with emotion and even some humor. I believe since BRAC Commission Chairman Anthony Principi came Thursday to see Cannon with his own eyes and six of the nine commissioners attended the hearing in Clovis there must have been some doubt in their minds about the DoD’s decision to close Cannon prior to them attending the hearing. I believe the hearing magnified that doubt!”

— Don Reid

“MY HOPES ARE HIGH that this will be accomplished by our citizens of Clovis, not only for the sake of having a military presence, but also for doing something that the government has been taking away from its veterans. By this, I mean that losing a lot of things that were promised to us by the government are slowly disappearing; by removing the base, it also takes away from our veterans’ promise to take care of them for life. The citizens here should be proud in fighting for the Air Force base to remain here in Clovis because we are the last hope for this entire area for growth. Until such time as we can stand on our own merits, we need Cannon to remain for economic as well as personnel needs. I am confident that our citizenry here has put up a formidable fight to the BRAC commissioners who came here, and the right thing comes about.”

— Gerald “Ski” Majewski

“I DON’T THINK SO. I listened to the proceedings on the radio and I have to commend Randy Harris for what I thought was an excellent delivery. But I feel the base is already closed, and the question we should be asking is not what we can do to keep it open, but rather how soon can it be cleared out so we can get private-sector business to set up shop?”

— Frank Dalton