7/19 Business Licenses

The following business licenses were obtained from the City of Clovis in the month of June:

Name: Quality Renovations
Type: General contractor
Owner: Diego L. Lucero Jr.
Location: 821 W. 16th St.

Name: Best Value Car center.
Type: Automobiles
Owner: Lloyd Seefeld
Location: 117 N, Main

Name: Richard’s Fantasys and Gifts
Type: Gifts
Owner: Richard Thomas
Location: 201 N. Maple

Name: JDA Construction
Type: General contractor
Owner: Jimmy D. Aranda
Location: 1005 East Danube

Name: Whitecotton’s Computer Solutions
Type: Computer repair
Owner: Douglas R. Whitecotton
Location: 335 State Road 467

Name: Trevino’s Welding
Type: Welding
Owner: Johnny Trevino
Location: P.O. Box 323

Name: Wireless Dimensions
Type: General merchandise
Owner: Kim Kaminsky
Location: 2809 N Prince St.

Name: American Electronics
Type: Gifts
Owner: Ray Allan
Location: 200 W. 7th St.

Name: Zellner & Associates
Type: Financial planning
Owner: Elaine Zelner
Location: 500 E. 14th St.

Name: Powers Polygraph Service
Type: Polygraph service
Owner: Susan Powers
Location: Mobile

Name: Trailer Wash of Clovis
Type: Car wash
Owner: Jeff or Shanna Victor
Location: 716 S. Reid

Name: The Perfect Purse
Type: Gifts
Owner: Shanna Victor
Location: 10 N. Village Dr.

Name: K–B Enterprises
Type: Handyman
Owner: Brian Chambers
Location: 201 Lori D. James Ct.

Name: Mike’s CB Shop
Type: Electronic/repair
Owner: Mike Roberts
Location: 1612 E. 1st St.

Name: Bullets & Bait
Type: Sporting goods
Owner: Lloyd J. Seefeld
Location: 2003 W. Cherry

Name: Video Productions Granillo
Type: Photographs/film development
Owner: Maclen Granillo
Location: 1005 E. 10th St.

Name: Bonsai
Type: General merchandise
Owner: Sang E. Myung
Location: 701 Prince St.

Name: New Attitudes
Type: Beauty salons
Owner: Fredia Williams or Jennifer Garcia
Location: 724 E. Tierra Blanca

Name: Linn Construction Inc.
Type: General contractor
Owner: Ron Linn
Location: 4 N. Village

Name: Sister’s Boutique
Type: Antiques
Owner: Carol Whitecotton
Location: 321 E. 1st

Name: Murrell Sanitation
Type: Portable toilets
Owner: Jerry Murrell
Location: Causey

Name: Catherine Cobb
Type: Nail salon
Owner: Catherine Cobb
Location: 2809 Apache

Name: Ed Rocha Plumbing
Type: Plumbing
Owner: Eduardo Rocha
Location: 810 S. Plain Park

Name: Bras & Prosthesis
Type: Clothing
Owner: Mary Lois Lesly
Location: 919 Mitchell

Name: Glamour Pets
Type: Dog grooming
Owner: Tani R. Malone
Location: 1520 N. Pile

Name: American Real Estate
Type: Real estate
Owner: Kevin Jones
Location: 724 E. Tierra Blanca

Name: Coaches Barber-n-Beauty Shop
Type: Barber
Owner: Phrod Sanders
Location: 613 Main St.

Name: High Plains Builders
Type: General contractor
Owner: Darren Hyder
Location: P.O. Box 1963

Name: Sun State Mechanical
Type: Plumbing
Owner: Mark Watkins
Location: 174 Sandia Road NW, Albuquerque

Name: Martin Tutoring & Snow Cones
Type: Consultant
Owner: Cliff and Laura Martin
Location: 1520 Mitchell Suite 2

Name: Roper Inc.
Type: General contractor
Owner: Leonard Roper
Location: 1609 Arbor Dr.

Name: Javen’s Smokes and More
Type: Cigarettes
Owner: Monica A Gavaldon
Location: 1209 Main

Name: Angel Baby Birth Services
Type: Doula birth coach
Owner: Chris and Amanda Kinley
Location: 2113 Belair Rd.

Name: Huckleberry Ed. Tutorial Services
Type: Consultant
Owner: William P Howell Jr.
Location: 918 E. 9th St.

Name: Native Spirit Gifts & Treasures
Type: General merchandise
Owner: Maria Teeter
Location: 3017 N Prince St. 2-A