amos: a view from under

Editor’s note: Since last week, amos and freddie flea (along with sammy salamander), joined arthur the old mangled turtle on his consuming quest for the holey cheese.

Quest for holey cheese – Part 2

life is bold life is great
we re on our way to excavate
the holey cheese from its
resting plate
life is bold life is great
fraidy cats nor wimps we ain t
we re the toughest in the state
we ll find the cheese whatever
the fate
life is bold life is great
that s what we have to celebrate

boss we were in high spirits
as we marched along chanting
our marching song but that
was before we knew what
dangers lurked at the bottom
of the basement stairs

first of all boss it got darker and
darker the farther we went down
then we started hearing
strange noises that got
louder as we crawled on

are you sure this is the
way says me

sure i d know my way
around here if i was
blindfolded says arthur

methinks he is blindfolded
whispers freddie

at the bottom of the stairs we landed in a heap in a pile of rags
and old clothes arthur got his head
caught in an oily shirtsleeve and thought he got his head stuck in his shell help me help me says he
meanwhile freddie was buried under an avalanche of discarded dishtowels
and dirty rags i felt as though
i was crawling through clothes
tunnels and sammy was sure
he was swimming his way
through a sea of dresses and socks

after pulling freddie free
and showing arthur which
way to go we set off again
but we didn t chant so loudly
this time boss

in the meantime our
shenanigans disturbed
marcellus the cat and his
alley friends who sometimes
use the clothes pile as their
bed away from home
suddenly we were beset with
a pair of green glowing eyes
about a half a mile up in the
air with other faint glowing
eyes coming at us from the
dark background

run and hide no time for
pride says i darting for the
nearest looming mop bucket

freddie and sammy jumped
back into the pile of clothes
but arthur was still mad
from his ordeal and started
snapping at everything in –
or out of – sight

ow yelled marcellus
something bit my foot
let s get out of here
fellas there s a cat trap
down here
and out they went through
the open basement window

and boss while we cheered –
there in the moonlight s glow
rested the holey cheese on
the window sill beckoning us

after we scrambled over boxes
tools desks bookcases and the
wall to the window ledge it was
gone exclamation point here
boss it had disappeared

stunned we headed back to
our homes with no chanting
this time but pondering our
glorious adventure

maybe it wasn t meant to be
boss because sometimes you
can get so focused on your
cause that you forget to focus
on the lord

p s – next time i ll be home
boss keep the coffee brewing
the cheese of life sure has a
mysterious flavor here