Curry County Commission

Tonya Garner: CNJ staff writer

Highlights from Tuesday’s Curry County Commission meeting:

– The La Casa Senior Center requesting funding to improve services for area senior citizens. The commission would accept bids and serve as contractor if the funds are granted.

– Commissioners Tim Ashley and Pete Hulder were chosen by lottery to serve on the Local Redevelopment Committee. Commissioner J. Albin Smith will serve as alternate. The purpose of the redevelopment committee is to design and make recommendations if Cannon closes, expands or stays the same.

– Clerk Mario Trujillo reported the first steps have been taken to secure a loan that would replace vote tabulators.
n Sheriff Roger Hatcher reported the county is short four deputies.

– Detention Center Administrator Don Burdine reported the county has 380 adults inmates, including 35 in Dickens County, nine in Parmer County and nine in Bailey County.
Five are on electronic house arrest, 10 have court ordered furlough, one is in diagnostic and nine are in treatment centers.
He also reported 14 inmates in the juvenile facility.

– Indigent Administrator Lance Pyle asked the commissioners to approve 15 medical service claims totaling $20,506.
Three are from the Clovis Fire Department for $932 and 12 claims are from the Plains Regional Medical Center for $19,574.