8/26 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

a hollow log fantasy flight

boss i ran into a hollow log
yesterday that led me into the
mythical reaches of fantasy land
and no i haven t been smoking
my cheese instead of eating it

it all started when i began
chasing tinkerbelle who i was
sure was just a silly little firefly

do i look like a firefly tinkerbelle
stormed at me just for that see if
i ever take you to peter pan
or never-neverland

and of course i was heartbroken
so i started to try to find my way
out of the log but i bumped into
henny-penny who was yelling
about the sky falling
so i asked her how can
the sky be falling when
we re inside a hollow log

don t ask silly theological
questions says she can t you
see that the sky is dark and
has pieces of tree bark
hanging down from it

beware the frumious
bandersnatch the scary
jabberwocky says as he ran past

what was that says me

puff the magic dragon
says the mad hatter who
insisted that alice was
really the crazy person

but puff the magic dragon is
big and green says me not
multicolored and fast
like that thing

then cinderella s fairy
godmother came wandering
through the log looking for
some more mice to change
into horses and pumpkins
into carriages and boss i hid
myself behind a knot in the log

where s that scarecrow and
cowardly lion or even that
mangy mutt named toto
says a wicked witch who
was having trouble flying
through the log not to mention
her flying monkey men

this can t be happening here
says me to nobody in particular

of course it s happening
life is more than it may
appear to be says a wise
old owl minus his tree
imagine what it looks
like from the other side
from eternity or infinity

you re losing me says me
my thoughts are spinning
incoherently and my eyes
are viewing images

what s real does anybody
know says me

sure i can help you out
with reality says captain
hook sneeringly

get me back to real life
to my home my church
jesus god and sanity

what makes you think that
jesus god and the heavenly
realm aren t just as mythical
and airy as we are says the
crooked hook

jesus once told nicodemus
the religious leader that the
spiritual realm is just as
real – or more so – as the wind
that blows through the air

we may not see it but it s
there and very real

boss it s like plato – as
well as the apostle paul –
said the unseen or eternal
world is more real than
the temporal and the seen