8/30 BRAC Letters to the editor

Editor’s note: The Base Closure and Realignment Commission voted Friday to move planes and personnel away from Cannon, as recommended by the Department of Defense. But commissioners ordered Cannon “enclaved,” or open in limited fashion, until Dec. 31, 2009, in hopes DoD will find it another mission.

Here are excerpts from some e-mailed letters:

Removing aircraft wrong move for families
The decision to remove aircraft from Cannon may seem the right move for a single pilot or airmen, but is the exact wrong move for a family person. Having served in the Air Force for more than 28 years, I have some experience with living in a variety of environments.

Environments such as Las Vegas may appeal to a single person, but with the median cost of a house at $281,000, a family person needs considerably more income than an E-5 makes to achieve some sort of normalcy.

Phoenix is another such location, exciting for a single person, disconcerting to an E-6 who must teach his son judo or karate to avoid regular gang beatings and survive in the neighboring school.

Richard Noble

Move to enclave worst possible outcome
The BRAC decision on Cannon is likely the worst of all possible outcomes: Uniform and civilian employment will drop, and the private sector will stagnate if not decline. This is hardly a “partial victory” as some have declared. It would have been far better either to keep Cannon fully open or to close it outright.

In the latter case, at least public officials would have been impelled to shift into high gear and secure economic replacements.

Let’s see if our public officials, under current circumstances, use their time wisely by successfully diversifying the economy of east-central New Mexico.

Rich Cunningham
Santa Fe

BRAC decision shows spirit of small town
What a great decision. Cannon is a great facility. What an example we have set for the Depart-ment of Defense, the BRAC Commission and for our country. Our strong community heart and spirituality shines through.

How proud we should be of our governor, our representatives and our citizens. We’ve demonstrated what makes a small town tick and what a powerful influence a group of people can be when they are passionate about an issue.

I am a transplant from Illinois and feel fortunate to be a part of this community.

Rose Ann Luna